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Official Hospitality/Food

Under certain circumstances, the cost of food/beverages and hospitality items can be considered an appropriate expenditure.  This policy does not pertain to faculty, staff or students when in travel status.  The following guidelines are intended to clarify those circumstances and limitations. 

Reimbursement or Payment of Official Hospitality/Food/Beverages:

All expenditures for food or official hospitality must be justified and determined appropriate in fulfilling an objective or goal which bears a valid relationship to the mission of the university.  The “Detail for Official Hospitality/Food” form must be completed and attached to each request for payment or reimbursement of such expenditures.

Allowable Costs:

  • Food/beverages supporting an official business setting (conference, workshop, training session)
    • As evidenced by a formal program agenda, statement of purpose, listing of participants;
    • Food/beverages must serve a demonstrably essential/important ingredient for success, not merely a hospitality enhancement;
    • And serves a clear Pittsburg State University business purpose.
  • Food/beverages supported by fees (typically within a conference registration fee, banquet fee, etc.)
    • As evidenced by a formal program/agenda, statement of purpose, listing of participants.

Unallowable Costs:

  • Food/beverage provided in a largely social unstructured setting, such as reception, parties, gatherings which do not serve a clear official business purpose.
  • Food/beverages provided as incidental to normal meetings (staff meetings, committee meetings, etc.) on which the success of the meeting does not depend.  Typically involving predominantly employees, the food/beverage serve no essential business purpose, therefore, the costs of which should not be borne by State funds.

State Funds

The State General Fees Fund (105), and Restricted Fees Fund (241, 341) have been approved to pay for any expenditure considered to be “Official Hospitality”.   Official Hospitality expenditures may be for food, lodging, transportation, official gifts and favors, official entertainment or other directly related miscellaneous expenses provided to official outside guests of PSU (this does not include PSU students except for Freshman Experience and Honors College programs).  The “Detail for Official Hospitality/Food” form must be completed and attached for all Official Hospitality requests listing the hospitality provided, beneficiaries of the hospitality, and the business purpose fulfilled. To review the State of Kansas PPM on "Official Hospitality" please click the following link: A&R PPM filing 3,351 - Official Hospitality Payment Guidelines

Food/beverages for groups or gatherings not including outside guests are allowed from Restricted Fees Fund (241, 341) if fees have been collected for such a purpose or the food/beverage supports an official business setting (workshops, training sessions, retreats).  This does not include any gatherings where only PSU faculty/staff are in attendance and the food/beverage is merely a hospitality enhancement (staff/faculty meetings, committee meetings, or advisory councils).

Auxiliary Funds

Auxiliary funds Housing Operating (201), Student Health Fees (203), Parking Fees (207), Student Activity (208) and Student Center (209) are allocated student fees for the purpose of administering various student programs.  These funds may pay for food/beverages for official events or gatherings specifically covered by their mission. The “Detail for Official Hospitality/Food” form should be completed and include a list of participants and the purpose of the event/gathering.

Grant Funds

Funding for food/beverages from grant funding (341, 351) must be specifically allowed as an appropriate expenditure in the supporting grant document.  Approval from the grant agency for food/beverages is a necessary component of these documents. The “Detail for Official Hospitality/Food” form should be completed and a copy of the grant documentation approving the purchase of food attached. 

Agency Funds

This policy does not apply to Agency funds, including Student Organizations, in which Pittsburg State University serves a fiduciary role in managing the disbursements on behalf of an organization.