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Regulation 1-16-21(c) states, "Expenditures for the payment of registration fees for obtaining the privileges of membership or other personal benefits from an organization are not reimbursable. Memberships in organizations must be in the name of the state agency."

Institutional Memberships:

Institutional memberships are allowed in the name of Pittsburg State University as long as the membership is deemed appropriate and coincides with the mission of the University. 

Individual Memberships:

Personal memberships are not allowed per Regulation 1-16-21(c) stated above.  Some individual memberships meeting certain criteria may not be considered “personal” and therefore payment may be allowed using state funding.

Any faculty or staff requesting reimbursement or payment of a membership from state funding must initially have written justification from their supervisor expressing how a particular membership relates to his/her job. 

Once the relationship between the individual and the membership is defined, and determined to be an appropriate expense, the following criteria is used:

  1. All memberships whether individual or institutional must include Pittsburg State University and our address in the application.  Memberships with only the individual’s name and an address other than PSU’s will be refused pending correction.
  2. If an institutional membership is available and more cost effective to the University than an individual membership, an institutional membership is required.
  3. Individual memberships which are transferable to another individual upon employment termination are allowed. The department is responsible for transferring the membership to an alternate employee.
  4. Individual memberships which are not transferable with termination of employment must meet one of the following:
    1. If no institutional membership is available a non-transferable individual membership is allowed.  If termination of employment occurs, reimbursement of a non-transferable membership to the department is required.
    2. If an institutional membership is available, but it is more cost effective to enroll with an individual membership, than a non-transferable or transferable individual membership is allowed. If termination of employment occurs, reimbursement of a non-transferable membership to the department is required.

A worksheet is being provided for your convenience in processing your membership.

Membership Worksheet