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Sponsored Projects Accounting (Grants)

This unit provides fiscal assistance for grants awarded to the University. It provides review of all reimbursement requests and financial reports for compliance with award requirements, insuring prompt billing of sponsors, and submission of required reports. Other duties include providing information to state auditors and government agencies. Visit Graduate Studies for additional information on Sponsored Projects.


This area is primarily responsible for grant accounting. Invoices to awarding agencies are prepared and distributed to the various entities providing funds to the University. Sponsored Projects prepares quarterly reports to Federal and State agencies. This area also provides information to the State Auditors and to the National Science Foundation Survey of Research. Reimbursements for expenditures under Federal grant programs are initiated from this area.

This is provided as a general guideline. Virtually every grant is unique in its structure and therefore is handled different from every other grant. The following guidelines will help the process run smoothly.

  • The grant administration process begins with the submission of a proposal to Graduate Studies and Research (GSR).
  • When a proposal is accepted and an award letter is issued GSR should be notified immediately. GSR will prepare a blue Unitary Accounting / Budget Sheet and submit it to Sponsored Projects (SP) with a copy of all grant documents for processing.
  • SP will set up a new accounting unit and notify the authorized signature and Budget Office.
  • Since each grant is different, please notify SP of the procedures necessary to obtain funding.
  • Some grants require special financial reporting. If you need assistance providing this information or would like for SP to prepare the report please contact this office.
  • If you have questions about expenditures or reimbursements on a grant please feel free to call this office at any time.