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General Accounting

This office also provides the overall accounting functions for all departments and units of the campus. PSU has many local and state funds which are used in the operations of the University.

Local Funds

            Foundation (142, 342, 442, 742, 842)

            844 (Organizational Safekeeping)

            208 (Student Activity)

            209 (Student Center)

State Funds

            104 (Payroll only FY12)

            105 (General Use-Operating)

            241 (Restricted Fee)

            251  (Indirect Overhead Allocations)

            341 (All Other Grant Funds except Federal)

            351 (Federal Funds including but not limited to Grants)

            201 (Housing)

            203 (Health Center)

            207 (Parking)

            107-114 (Clearings)

State to Local,  State to State,  Local to State- Funds Processing Forms

State to State (104 to 104 Payroll ONLY) & (105 to 105) Budget Adjustment Form approved by the Budget Office.  Funding from 121 CANNOT be moved/transferred.

Note* 104, 105, and 121 funding is appropriated funds and therefore cannot be transferred or moved except to another 104, 105, 121 account (done with a Budget Adj. Form). If it is necessary to have OOE funds to cover something in a different fund it must be accomplished by using the voucher correction process.

Correction Request Form should ALWAYS be used to change funding on a payment voucher, BPC JE, Clearing JE, or Deposit . This way it can be noted on the Original documents that there was a funding change.  This  notation will hopefully prevent duplicates as well as create a cross reference.