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Policy for the Purchase of Employee Clothing

Procedures for Purchase & Payment of:

 Uniforms, Business Attire (Shirts), Protective Clothing

1.       Department purchases the Uniforms, Business Attire (Shirts), Protective Clothing or Other Clothing.

2.       Initiate payment using a Pay Vendor Form in Gorilla Marketplace or the Business Procurement Card (BPC): Note on the invoice or attach a paper listing the names of the employees, their PSU ID#'s and the clothing items attributed to each.

3.       Include proof of deposit if money collected from individuals for the cost of clothing was deposited in a restricted account.

4.       The authorized signature required for funding approval will be accepted as fulfilling the approval required by this policy if at the level of Dean, Director, or Chair.  If funding approval is lower than Chair then approval by signature from an appropriate Dean, Director, or Chair is required.

5.       Submit the invoice with required employee information and approvals through Gorilla Marketplace.

Note that departmental adherence to the clothing policy is implied by the signature approval provided on the payment request.


Other Clothing

1.       Department will follow the procedures previously noted.

2.       The Business Office will send the list of employees who receive items of Other Clothing that cost more than $15 per item to HRS to be included as a taxable fringe benefit to the employee(s) receiving the items.  Note that Other Clothing can only be paid from Foundation funds.

3.       The department may request a review to determine if the Other Clothing items qualify as Business Attire (not a taxable fringe benefit).  To initiate a review, PRIOR TO SENDING the payment request to the Business Office, the department completes a "Determination of Taxability Form" and submits to HRS with pertinent information.  Upon completion of the review, HRS will notify the department of the decision and forward all documents to the Business Office.


Determination of Taxability Form

Clothing Purchased for Employees Presentation