Rental Car Information

The State of Kansas currently has a contract with Enterprise for all car rental needs.  Reservations may be made by internet or phone and for insurance purposes MUST be paid for with PSU's procurement card (BPC) if doing business for the University.  The Master Contract, Rates, Locations, and Addendum may be viewed at the following link.

One Way Rentals to or from KCI are now available on a trial basis.  Rental charges are $110 each way plus applicable fees and taxes.  This reservation may be made by internet or phone but must be paid for with a BPC located in the PSU Business Office.  Call Ext. 4150 after making the reservation so payment can be arranged.

Reservation Process via Internet

Click on the following link for Business Use, One Way Rental, or Personal Use rental options:


Select desired service. 

If traveling on PSU business and you are using someone else's BPC:

  • Enter the "Ghost" account number for the cardholder responsible for the charges and the PIN 555.  This automatically links your rental charges to the cardholder account number in a secure manner without providing the actual card numbers.  If the cardholder does not have a "Ghost" account they must contact the Business Office at Ext. 4150 to be assigned one.  This process takes approximately 1 week to complete.

If traveling on PSU business and you are using your own BPC:

  • No "Ghost" account number is necessary as you will present the card when picking up the car.

After selecting the appropriate service continue with the following information:

  1. Enter Location
    Enter Dates and Times needed
    Choose a Rental Car Class (for best results, “Show me everything” or you can choose a specific option)
  2. Click “Search”  
  3. Review information on available vehicles
    “Select” a vehicle of choice to continue
    NOTE: You will not be able to rent any vehicle that is not included as part of contract #09730A
  4. Enter “Renters Contact Information” 
    * First and Last Name
    * Home Phone Number
    * Email Address for work or home (confirmation will be sent to this address)
    * If using a PSU Procurement Card select “VISA” as credit card type
    If you are reserving several vehicles, the system will remember who you are.  
  5. Enter “Additional Information – Optional” now or be prepared to complete at Enterprise counter when car is picked up.  
  6. Click “Continue”   
  7. Verify Your Rental Information
    NOTE: The Internet website shows Kansas Excise and Sales Taxes; the State of Kansas is exempt from these taxes and the traveler should have them removed at the rental counter.   
  8. Click “Book Now”  
  9. Record the reservation confirmation number for future reference.
    (The reservation number and other information will also be presented in a confirmation e-mail)  
  10. Do you require a pick up from your home or office?
    If yes, place a telephone call to the selected branch to request pick-up services; you will need your reservation confirmation number.
    If no, move to the next step.  
  11. You have successfully reserved a vehicle. If you need to make changes to your reservation, please follow the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Reservation Process via Phone

During business hours call the local Enterprise location at least 24-hours in advance to reserve a vehicle. Enterprise Rental Car of Pittsburg KS is 620-231-2100.

Outside of business hours – call 1-800-RENT-A-CAR  

Provide the following information to Enterprise:

  • Mention you are with PSU  and using your own BPC card or supply the representative the "Ghost" account number associated with BPC being charged.
  • Renter’s Name
  • Renter’s home and work phone numbers
  • Date and Times vehicle needed
  • Desired vehicle class (refer to State of Kansas Contract Number 11286A)

Inform Enterprise how you would like to obtain the vehicle
       * Pick up from Enterprise rental branch
       * Enterprise to pick you up from your home or office

Ask the Enterprise representative for reservation confirmation number.

You have successfully reserved an Enterprise rental vehicle.

For cancellations, call the local Enterprise branch with all the relavent information.  Reservations must be cancelled 12 business hours prior to reservation time to avoid the penalty.

Rental Car Fuel

Fuel for a rental car is allowable on the PSU procurement card (BPC).  Original receipts must be turned in and will be checked for validity.  The receipt should include details of the fuel purchase including gallons, date & time of purchase, and location of vendor.  If the traveler does not have a PSU procurement card rental car fuel must be purchased and the receipt submitted for reimbursement following the trip on a DA121 Travel Expense Detail.  Fuel for personal vehicles is NOT ALLOWED to be purchased on the BPC or reimbursed under any circumstances. Business use of personal vehicles is reimbursed based on miles driven.

Rental Car Insurance

The BPC includes the Collision Damage Waiver at no additional cost for most vehicles.  Personal accident insurance (PAI), personal effects insurance (PEI), and other supplemental liability insurance are considered personal expenses and are not to be charged on the BPC nor are they reimbursable to the traveler due to other methods of payment being used.

Rental of 12-15 Passenger Vans

The rental of 12 or 15 passenger vans is available but due to limited supply must be planned at least 2 weeks in advance to reserve.  To rent a van with Enterprise call Amanda at 417-832-1494.  If a van is not available contact Hertz Rental Car of Joplin at 417-623-6242.  All policies and procedures in the rental of vehicles from Enterprise apply towards any rental from other providers including payment method (BPC), insurance, and taxes.  It is still a requirement that the safety course offered by University Police must be taken before driving a 15 passenger van on PSU business.

    Returning an Enterprise Rental Vehicle during Business hours

    NOTE: Vehicles should be returned with a full fuel tank. Vehicles returned with less than a full tank will be fueled by the Contractor at a substantially higher cost. 

    1. Drive to the Branch location where the vehicle was rented.   
    2. Check the vehicle in.  
    3. If necessary, Enterprise will provide a free ride back to your home or office.

    Returning an Enterprise Rental Vehicle OUTSIDE of Business hours

    NOTE: Vehicles should be returned with a full fuel tank. Vehicles returned with less than a full tank will be fueled by the Contractor at a substantially higher cost. 

    1. Drop the vehicle off at the Enterprise branch where the vehicle was rented. Leave keys in drop box.

    Vehicles returned after hours will not be charged another days rental but those vehicles not returned by 7:30a.m. the next day may incur additional charges.

    Early Morning Departure:

    Vehicles needed before 7:30a.m. Tuesday through Friday and before 9:00a.m. on Saturday: Vehicles may be picked up the prior evening anytime between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m. and rental charges will start at 7:30a.m. the following morning.

    Additional Information

    If you need Enterprise to pick you up so state when making reservation and call the local branch directly 30 minutes prior to the agreed pick up time. The contract is available at the following web address:

    Locations – Enterprise Rent –A-Car currently has thirty-six (36) locations in the state of Kansas and over forth (40) in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Refer to Motor Vehicle Rental Contract Number 11286A for specific details.

    You will not be able to rent any vehicle that is not included as part of contract #11286A.

    All rental car use purchased on the PSU Business Procurement Card requires the completion of the BPC Travel Form with the supporting receipt from Enterprise attached.  These documents must then be turned in with the cardholder's monthly log.

    Personal Use – In-State rental rates are available to State employees for personal use. When renting for personal use, Collision Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance and/or Supplemental Liability Protection will not be included in the rate structure. State employees renting outside the state will receive a 5% discount at neighborhood locations and a 10% discount at airports nationwide.


    To get a copy of a receipt for an Enterprise rental you will need to enter the Renter's Last Name and Drivers License Number at the following site: