Airfare and Other Public Transportation

Travel by Public Transportation

PSU employees should travel by transportation available to the general public such as commercial air flights, passenger trains, buses, etc., if the transportation is determined to be the most economical and advantageous to the University.

The most economical mode of airline travel is generally tourist or economy class. The most economical mode of passenger train travel is generally first-class day coach. Specific justification must be furnished with travel claim forms submitted for reimbursement of airfare or train fare when these classes are not used. If these classes are not available, a verifying statement from the travel agency, airline, or passenger train company must be furnished with the travel claim form.

Employees are reimbursed for public transportation expense incurred by submitting the official transportation receipt (and any supporting documentation as required above) with the travel claim form, except when tickets are purchased directly by PSU. For airfare, the official transportation receipt is considered to be the passenger copy of the airline ticket or a copy of the booked itinerary from the Internet. The traveler is reimbursed for tickets after the travel is completed.

Employees may also be reimbursed for transportation expenses and parking fees incurred for travel to and from the official station (PSU) or domicile to the airport or other terminal, and at the destination for:

  1. travel to and from the airport or other terminal to the lodging establishment; and
  2. travel to and from the lodging establishment to meeting locations.

Direct Purchase of Transportation Tickets by PSU for Employees

The UMB Bank VISA Business Procurement Card (BPC) may be used to purchase tickets for airfare and car rental. Supporting documentation must be filled out in Gorilla Marketplace when completing a BPC Entry form. In addition, these tickets can also be charged to an employee's personal credit card. If these tickets are charged to the traveler's personal credit card, the traveler will NOT be reimbursed for the tickets prior to the completion of the related travel.