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The IFC is the governing board of all Fraternities on campus. The executive board is elected of representatives of all chapters and the board serves to lead the fraternity community in the proper direction.

The purpose of the Interfraternity Council is to:

  1. Promote the best interest of the University and encourage a pursuit of excellence within the framework of an education
  2. To assist and strengthen fraternities individually and collectively in the achievement of their worthy purposes and policies.
  3. To provide a medium for the exercising of self-government and regulation of fraternity affairs
  4. To offer opportunities and for further development of fraternity life on the campus
  5. To act as liaison between fraternities and the University administration and faculty,
  6. To offer a common meeting ground for all fraternities and foster fellowship and goodwill among fraternities and the student body as a whole.

Steps To Join A Fraternity

1.   Click here to register for Formal Fraternity Recruitment!

The process is complete in minutes and your contact information will be stored in a secure database. Each fraternity's recruitment chairmen will be able to access your information and contact you.


Disclaimer: Registration or participation in Pittsburg State Fraternity Recruitment is neither an offer nor a guarantee of membership. Membership selection is at the sole discretion of each fraternity and its members. It is not influenced or controlled by the Pittsburg State IFC or the Pittsburg State Greek Life Office.

 2. Contact chapters that interest you

Contact the recruitment chairmen of the chapters that you might be interested in directly. Each of our fraternity chapters has one or two people elected to serve as recruitment chairperson(s). These men will review your information from the database and begin calling, writing, or e-mailing you. They will send you information about their fraternity, why you should join, what kinds of philanthropies they are involved in, what kinds of social activities they are planning for next year, etc. You can also contact them to begin the process. Contact information can be found on each individual fraternity’s page.

 3. Attend ongoing recruitment events

Once you have decided which fraternities that you're interested in, you may begin to participate in their ongoing recruitment events. These events, scheduled throughout the year, are small social gatherings designed to introduce prospective new members to the current fraternity members. The chapters may have a barbecue, go bowling, play paintball, golf, watch movies, etc. The recruitment chairpersons will send invitations to you as to when the events are scheduled.

 4. Join a fraternity.

Most chapters will offer you a bid (an invitation to join their fraternity), the recruitment process is complete when you have signed a bid card. The disclaimer on the back of the bid card allows Greek Life Office to release your grades to your fraternity for the purpose of monitoring your progress. For example, the chapters will need to know whether you are meeting the minimum grade requirements to remain in the chapter each semester. Some chapters also use grades to determine room assignments or scholarships.


If you have any questions contact the IFC Vice President of Recruitment:

Jason Jones- jasonjones@gus.pittstate.edu

Council Officers

Jose Contreras

VP Internal Affairs
Bryce Schuetz

VP External Affairs
Alex Stueve

VP Recruitment
Jarrett Robertson

VP Judicial Affairs
Brad Hall 

VP Administration
Dylan McCollar

Click here to register for Formal Fraternity Recruitment! 

  - Fraternity Recruitment information is coming soon!


Click here to register for Formal Sorority Recruitment! 

  - Sorority Recruitment Registration will be open from May 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014.


For more information contact the Campus Activities Center at (620)-235-4795 or by email, campusactivities@pittstate.edu