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A Letter from the Fraternity & Sorority Advisor

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Pittsburg State University! We are sure you share in your son or daughter's excitement about their upcoming college career. The transition from high school to college is one of the most exciting times in a young person's life, but it can also be a time full of questions and challenges. We often hear students ask, how will I make new friends? How will I be successful academically? How can I become a part of the campus community quickly? I am sure that as a parent, you have often wondered the same questions for your son or daughter.

We believe that the experience of joining a fraternity or sorority is a great way to answer some of these questions. Fraternities and sororities are an excellent way to meet new friends. But more than that, these friends are individuals who have taken an oath of loyalty to one another and to the highest standards of conduct and behavior to themselves and their brothers and sisters. They strive to do well academically, pushing each other to attain high GPAs and get involved in their classes and their major. Fraternities and sororities are also an integral part of the campus community at PSU. Our chapters have been a part of the campus for more than 90 years, and our students have continued to be involved in not only their chapter, but in the fraternity or sorority governing councils, and most importantly other organizations on campus, ranging from Student Government to academic honor societies and everything in between.

Pittsburg State's ten fraternities and sororities give back to the community as well. From volunteer projects with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers, Big Sisters to raising money for causes like the Children's Miracle Network and Special Olympics, our Greek students leave an impact on Pittsburg and on the world.

Fraternity and sorority members also have the benefit with connecting with alumni of their chapter both in the area and across the country. Each chapter has a chapter advisor that helps to guide the chapter in their operations and fraternities and sororities have alumni associations across the country (and even some international alumni clubs). Membership in a fraternity or sorority doesn't end at graduation, it is an experience that continues to influence lives for a lifetime.

As a parent you might be wondering how you can help play a role in your students' college experience. Here are some suggestions from our students!

  • Understand my decision to join...or not to! Some students will choose to join a fraternity or sorority and some will choose not to. If your student's decision is different than you thought it would be, talk to him or her and try to understand his or her perspective.
  • Support me during the process. Students need support throughout the process of recruitment and new member education. Support your son or daughter and try to learn as much as you can about Greek life by asking questions of your student as he or she learns about our chapters. If your student decides to pursue membership in a fraternity or sorority, be there, be supportive, and allow your student room to make his or her own decisions.
  • My experience might be different than yours..and that's okay. Fraternities and sororities are different on every campus and change over time. The chapter you loved on your campus may not be the same chapter you son or daughter loves at PSU. Similarly, your chapter at PSU may be very different than it was when you joined. Know that all of our Greek chapters at PSU will provide an outstanding experience for your student.
  • Be involved. Once your student joins, there will be many activities and events for you to attend or become involved with. Whether they show it or not, your student will most likely love your involvement with the chapter's parent activities.

Here is a suggestion from us! Keep the Campus Activities staff contact information on hand if you have any questions or concerns about Greek Life at the Pittsburg State University. We want to share in your son or daughter's successes and also respond to your concerns as a parent, but we can only do that if you stay involved!