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What is a fraternity or a sorority?

A fraternity is a group of men or women bound together by friendship, brotherhood or sisterhood, and common goals and aspirations. Women's fraternities are most often referred to as sororities. The members that form the fraternity share their friendship, efforts, and knowledge. Their common experience builds ties that last a lifetime. Though there are many different fraternities, they all share common founding principles that are of interest to any college man or woman. Fraternities endeavor to enhance your educational experience by emphasizing intellectual, interpersonal, and social development. The ideals of lifelong friendship, sound education, campus and community service, and social interaction are what fraternity members strive to live by every day. 

Fraternity & Sorority Life Basics
Scholarship is one of the most heavily emphasized values in fraternity & sorority life. Each organization has different requirements set to consider individuals for membership. However, the minimum requirement for consideration is a 2.5 GPA. Men and Women below this requirement are welcome to participate in recruitment to learn about the community and to investigate options for the future, but may not be selected for membership at this time.

All fraternities and sororities emphasize study activities within the chapter such as study hours and study buddies. Members are always there to help out when a big test is around the corner or when that math problem is just too tough to handle alone. Fraternity and sorority members are also active in many campus academic honoraries.

Fraternity & sorority membership offers women a variety of positions to sharpen leadership skills. Fraternity and sorority members can be found in the Student Government Association, University Student Ambassadors, Student Activities Council, Varsity Athletics and numerous honor societies throughout campus. Fraternity and sorority members don’t just belong to these organizations; many hold the highest leadership positions. Involvement and active participation in activities enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced job market of today.

Fraternities and sororities put students into immediate contact with large alumni bases as well as many other students not only at Pittsburg State, but all over the country. Interaction in these organizations provides students with the skills and training to develop high level social skills that will serve them well in the job market and in their personal lives.

One very strong tradition of both fraternity and sorority organizations is their support of local and national philanthropies and the local community. There are a wide variety of community service projects in which PSU chapters sponsor and participate. 24+ hour Teeter-totter, trampoline, and rocking chair events, softball and golf tournaments, canned food drives and lollipop sales are just a few of the philanthropic projects PSU fraternities and sororities sponsor.

Philanthropic projects are an integral and important part of fraternity and sorority life. These projects are not only campus ventures, but often include the entire community. Because of the values fraternities and sororities are rooted in, members are highly regarded and successful in their efforts to aid their campus and community.


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*Sorority Recruitment Registration will be open from May 1, 2015 - August 1, 2015.


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