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Refill stations reduce plastic use at PSU

July 11, 2014 12:00AM

In an effort to reduce consumption of plastic bottles at Pittsburg State, nearly 20 water refill stations have been installed across campus.

 And there’s more where that came from.

 “We have installed 18 water refill stations in 14 building across campus,” said Tonya Pentola, recycling program coordinator. “Our goal is to supply all buildings on campus, including the dorms, to reduce the usage of plastic bottles at Pitt State.”

 The refill stations can be found at water fountains in such buildings as Russ Hall, the Overman Student Center and the Student Recreation Center. Several stations can also be found in residence hall buildings.

 “University Housing has a large number of the stations in their dorms, and we are working with them to install more during this year,” Pentola said. “They had incorporated the bottle filling stations into their remodel plans for Nation and Dellinger, so the stations will be throughout those buildings.

 “Also, we are working with Housing to try to find a way to supply incoming students in the dorms with a refillable water bottle to encourage efforts to reduce consumption of plastic,” she said.

 Since the first station was installed in 2013, she said, the stations have reduced usage of plastic bottles by more than 167,000.

 “We have had overwhelming response to the stations and consider them to be a great success in helping us move further toward a sustainable campus lifestyle,” Pentola said. 

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