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Shannon Meck. (Photos by PSU grad student Ali Noyes.)

#PeopleOfPSU: Shannon Meck

The goal of our #PeopleOfPSU series is to showcase honest, genuine, spur-of-the-moment thoughts from our students, faculty, staff and alumni. More #PeopleOfPSU posts can be found on our social media channels.

Shannon Meck, communication major (emphasis in broadcasting)

How has Pitt State made an impact on your life?

“Pitt State has prepared me emotionally, mentally, and physically to take on whatever goal I want to accomplish. From all the hours I put in studying, the people I've come to know and love, and integrity this school has taught me… I’m ready to take on the world and all trials and tribulations I may face. I'm Pittsburg Strong.”

Why do you like it here?

“It's home away from home. When I chose to come to Pittsburg State, I never expected to meet the friends I've come to know and love. Of course I missed my actual family back home, but I think I'm going miss everyone here just as much for the life-changing experiences, which is why it's going to be really hard to say goodbye and not cry when graduation comes. But I'll make it through for them.”

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