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New faculty orientation a 'crash course' on PSU

New faculty orientation a 'crash course' on PSU

New faculty are learning all about Pittsburg State University this week during New Faculty Orientation.

With bachelor's and master’s degrees from Pittsburg State, Amy Bartlow is no stranger to the university. This week, however, it all feels brand new again.

That’s because Bartlow is one of 25 new faculty members going through New Faculty Orientation this week. The program features a variety of sessions focused on different aspects of Pittsburg State, including Axe Library resources, student advisement, information systems, human resources and a history of the university. The new faculty members are also introduced to many current university administrators, faculty and staff.

“It’s different being on this side of it,” Bartlow said. “As a student, you think you learn a lot about the university and how it works. As a faculty member, you see everything from a new perspective.”

Bartlow, who comes to PSU after six years as a K-12 educator, will teach elementary education courses in the university’s Teaching and Leadership program. She said she’s grateful for the orientation session.

“It’s wonderful that the university offers this because it makes all of us feel a little more comfortable about coming into PSU as a new faculty members,” she said. "It is like getting a crash course on the university, and it's a big help to us."

She also said she's excited to be back on campus in her new capacity.

"Being a student here was an amazing experience," she said. "I love PSU, and I love the campus. To be here now as a faculty member is a great honor, because I'll have that chance to help the current students in the same ways that my teachers helped me."

The New Faculty Orientation is conducted by the Pitt State Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Along with the orientation sessions, monthly meetings are held throughout the academic year to assist new faculty with getting to know Pittsburg State.


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