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Crews replace lost trees
Campus landscapers work on planting a black gum tree on the banks of the University Lake, Friday.

Crews replace lost trees

Campus crews are busy planting trees to replace a higher than average number lost this past year to drought and storms.

Planting a tree by the University LakeCate Breneman, PSU grounds maintenance supervisor, said it has been it has been a little disturbing to see how many trees the campus has lost to drought, age and storms this past year. Friday was more enjoyable, however, as crews began planting 20 new trees.

“Every year you expect to lose some trees,” Breneman said. “That’s just natural. But this past year was especially bad. Trees were stressed by drought and ice storms and wind took a high toll.”

As she planned where to plant the new trees, Breneman factored in not only trees that had been lost, but also trees that she believes will soon be gone.

“It’s an ongoing process,” she said.

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