Gorilla Radio airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 PM to Midnight on CAPS 13.

Welcome to Gorilla Radio!
Broadcasting from the coolest little corner of Pittsburg State University, Gorilla Radio features a selection of college rock music along with a variety of specialty shows. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night from 4:00 to Midnight on CAPS 13.

It's Radio... on TV!

Attention all Bands:
Gorilla Radio welcomes all bands to submit their music to Gorilla Radio, especially local, regional, and unsigned bands. If you would like your band's music played on Gorilla Radio, please mail us a copy of your CD and a completed copy of the Music Release Form. This form is a requirement!


Show Lineup


4:00 - The Quad D Show w/ Erica (country/talk)

6:00 - Fight the Night w/ DJ King Seamus (dub/edm)

8:00 - Midwest Meltdown (local music/rock n roll)

10:00 - Pumpkin Metal w/ Mitch and Tom (pumpkin metal)


4:00 - The Commonwealth (indie for the cool kids)

6:00 - Embrace the Random w/ Wayne-man (random)

8:00 - The KC Fairgame Show (r&b and soul)

10:00 - The Night Crew w/ Sam and Chuck (ska?)


4:00 - Tyler's Hits (classic rock & metal)

6:00 - The Upbeat Hours w/ Gabby & Alex (upbeat)

8:00 - The Show w/ Tea & Ariel (hipster chic)

10:00 - Pre-Party Pitt Stop w/ DJ Will & J-Man (party!)



If you would like to make a Donation to Gorilla Radio, please Click HERE!

Where it says "Specify Fund", click "Other", then type in "Gorilla Radio".