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Women's Studies Contact


Browyn Conrad

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Phone: 620-235-4333

PSU Women's Studies Office
Whitesitt Hall 305
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762

For more information, email

or contact Browyn Conrad at
Russ Hall 316
Pittsburg State University

Minor in Women's Studies

The Women’s Studies minor involves twenty-one credit hours, including a six credit hour core emphasizing collaborative learning and critical thinking in global, activist, and feminist contexts. The minor complements a wide variety of majors, including Business, English, Communication, Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, History, Justice Studies, Psychology, and Sociology, and is an excellent preparation for careers in the non-profit sector or in private sector fields such as human resources, marketing, management, education, and law. 


Minor Requirements

Twenty-one credit hours, including a six credit hour core (WOMEN 200 and 399), and 15 hours in Women’s Studies electives. Electives are cross-listed with course offerings from other departments, such as History, Communication, Psychology, English, and Family and Consumer Sciences. A sample of past courses includes:

  • ART 689 Contemporary Issues in Art 
  • COMM 795 Issues in Communication: Gender Communication
  • ENGL 555/755 Topics in Literature: Booker Prize Winners
  • FCS455 History of Costume
  • HIST608 Women in American History
  • JUST480 Women, Crime, and Justice
  • SOC569 Society and Sexuality
  • SOC663 Women, Men and Society

Please consult the online course schedule for a list of current electives. 


Certificate Requirements

Fifteen credit hours, including a six credit hour core (WOMEN 200 and 399), and nine additional credit hours of any other undergraduate course approved for Women’s Studies credit.

For a complete description of Women's Studies course offerings and a detailed listing of required courses, see the Women's Studies Program Guides for Certificate or Minor and the Women's Studies section in the PSU Catalog.