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Council and Faculty

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program is headed by a Director, Assistant Director, and a Council comprised of core and volunteer faculty, and varied representatives from students and staff. The Director is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the program with the assistance of the Assistant Director and the Council. The Council is responsible for the program’s long range planning, visibility, and growth. The Council is charges with the responsibility of:

  1. planning the interdisciplinary program, including its two minors and its certificate, and coordinating the program’s implementation;

  2. recruiting faculty to participate in the program, stimulating faculty interest and participation in women's and gender studies, and promoting faculty development in the field;

  3. evaluating transfer credits, and evaluating departmental course offerings for inclusion in the program;*

  4. recruiting students to the program through advertising, web presence, social media, and participation in campus recruiting events;

  5. program assessment; and

  6. validating the credentials of candidates for the Women's Studies Certificate.*

*Primarily Director’s duties.

Women's and Gender Studies Council

Laura Lee Washburn
Acting Director
Sandra Cox Goldie Prelogar

Allison Blevins Melanie Bingham

Women's and Gender Studies Faculty

Kalari Flotree


Joey Pogue

Holly Page-Sagehorn
(School of

Kris Lawson

Kyle Thompson


Kristen Maceli
& Marketing)


Cynthia Huffman

Harriet Bachner
& Counseling)

Rebeca Book

Debbie Fischer

Li-lin Tseng

Linden Little

Portico Bowman

Ali Smith
(Campus Victim

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