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Two-Year Electrical Technology Program Options

Student Working on Leviton Training CenterStudents can choose from two options in Electrical Technology:

  • Two-Year Technical Certificate in Electrical Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree with a Major in Electrical Technology

Both the Certificate and AAS programs have a core of 59 credit hours (1744 clock hours) of "hands on" course work in electrical training, including nine credit hours of cooperative industrial training doing an on-the job electrical internship in the summer. The AAS has approximately 14 additional credit hours of general education (i.e., English, Speech, Computer Application, Business, Financial Accounting, etc.)


Two-Year Technical Certificate in Electrical Technology

The two-year technical certificate is for those individuals who want the electrical training and certification without taking general education courses.

Suggested Schedule for Technical Certificate

University Catalog

Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science degree is for those individuals who seek electrical training and certification plus additional preparation for advancement into management, engineering, sales or other related areas.

Suggested Schedule for Associate of Applied Science

University Catalog