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Barbara Bonnekessen

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Nancy Grantham

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Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
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It is never too early to consider what you are going to do upon graduation.  Here is some advice, remember many liberal arts graduates end up in management because they can read, think, write, and deal with people. Remember: Preparing for and securing a job is the student's responsibility.   

  • Talk to your advisor 
  • Start thinking about graduation when you arrive - education is an investment in the future 
  • Take advantage of university "Career Days" to explore positions 
  • Spend some time at the university's Career Services Office (Horace Mann  203) and website 
  • Take advantage of internship opportunities, and begin networking with the people who work with you there
  • If you know people in the field, ask them what they are and will be looking for when hiring 
  • Use the internet, take a look at the sites below and those directly related to your major
  • Look to the future, discover what kind of preparation will give you a chance to be hired when you graduate - what classes can you take, what will you need to succeed even beyond your major
  • Remember that historians like you are trained to research carefully, think critically, and write well.  These skills translate well into a variety of jobs that are not typically associated with history.  Keep your options open!

Political Science Career and Vocational Websites

Pre-Law Statement

American Political Science Association

International Studies Association


General Career and Vocational Websites

 PSU Career Counseling Center


;State Employee Search Websites





 Federal Job Site


 You can get a wealth of information from such as:

            The Occupational Handbook that tells you:                     
                        Training and Education Needed
                        Expected Job Prospects
                        What Workers Do on the Job
                        Working Conditions

           Data from the Occupational Employment Statistics gives you
                        Wage and Employment Estimates for Over 800 Occupation
                        Data broken down from national to state to local areas

 Other Sites to Explore Career Possibilities