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Student Organizations

There are many opportunities for students to go beyond the classroom and involve themselves in the life of the university through student organizations. Participation and especially leadership in such groups are often an important part of a student's resume.

History Purpose Faculty Advisor/Contact
Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society Kristin Lawson
History Club Club Stephen Harmon

Student Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of past graduates and those interested in the various departmental programs, there are a number of students scholarships awarded each year. The provision of a scholarship is based on donor requirements, though merit and academic achievement play a significant role in the selection process. In order to be considered for an award the student must meet two basic criteria: (1) the student must have completed a minimum of one semester as a full-time student at PSU prior to applying; and, (2) the student must be a major in one of the programs offered by the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. You can link to the scholarship requirements by area from the list below.

History Scholarships (PDF)
Pearl Brinkerhoff Scholarships
Margaret B. Curfman Scholarship
Elizabeth Cochran Scholarship
E.W. "Bill" Hollenbeck Award
Thomas Jefferson Scholarship
Robert S. and Frances A. LaForte, Scholarship
Reverend Kenneth Melaragno Award
Fred B. Misse Award, Excellence in Teaching

Application Process:   
Students interested in applying for university OR a department level scholarship should contact the Office of Financial Assistance, 103 Horace Mann, 620.235.4240, If you want to apply online go to: to access the universal application form (at PSU, you use only this form to apply for university and department level scholarships).  Additional university scholarships and scholarship information can be found at

Post-Graduate Scholarships:
If you are interested in securing funding for future study, the following link ( will take you to a list of national scholarships available to graduates. These scholarships are highly competitive but students who are interested are encouraged to apply. The site gives you a link to the particular scholarship, a description of its purpose, and general qualifications.