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Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
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History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Contact

Department Chair:

Donald W. Viney

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Contact Person:
Nancy Grantham

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Phone: 620-235-4325
Fax: 620-235-4338

Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
412 Russ Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

 Full-Time Faculty and Staff in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences

Name Discipline Phone E-mail Office
Timothy J. Bailey Geography 620.235.4336 tbailey@pittstate.edu RH 314
Urban Geography, Planning, Research Analysis, Global Economy
Michele Barnaby Geography 620.235.4323 mbarnaby@pittstate.edu RH 305
Human Geography, World Regional Geography, Elements of Geography
Daniel Betti Political Science 620.235.4178 dbetti@pittstate.edu RH 306F
American Government, American Political Thought, Classical Political Philosophy
Darren Botello-Samson Political Science 620.235.4334 dbotello-samson@pittstate.edu RH 327D
Program Coordinator; Constitutional Law, Environmental Regulation, Judicial Politics; (University Pre-Law Coordinator)
Bradley Cameron Social Work 620.235.4331 bcameron@pittstate.edu RH 327A
Social Work, Director; Law and Social Work, Human Behavior/Individual and Family, Law and Procedure
Kathleen Cameron Justice Studies 620.235.4320 kcameron@pittstate.edu RH 327B
Program Coordinator; Women, Crime and Justice, Ethics in Justice, Justice and the Law, Serial Killers
Browyn Conrad Sociology 620.235.4333 browyn@pittstate.edu RH 316
Program Coordinator; Social Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Gender Issues; (Women's Studies, Director)
John L.S. Daley History 620.235.4311 jdaley@pittstate.edu RH 306E
U.S. Military, Middle Period and Civil War, U.S. Immigration and Modern Germany
Marjorie Donovan Sociology 620.235.4335 mdonovan@pittstate.edu RH 412D
Program Coordinator; Demography, Criminology and Delinquency, Personality and Deviance
Jonathan R. Dresner History 620.235.4315 jdresner@pittstate.edu RH 406F
Graduate Coordinator (M.A., History); 19th Century Japan, East Asia, Migration, Social, World; (Editor, Midwest Quarterly)
Nancy Grantham Administrative Specialist 620.235.4325 ngrantha@pittstate.edu RH 412
Primary contact for Geography, Justice Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology
Stephen A. Harmon History 620.235.4314 sharmon@pittstate.edu RH 406B
Africa, Middle East, Islam, Latin America
Catherine A. Hooey Geography 620.235.4327 chooey@pittstate.edu RH 322
Program Coordinator; Environmental Geography, Hazards and Disasters, Global Environmental Change
Harry L. Humphries Sociology 620.235.4328 hlhumphr@pittsate.edu RH 317
Program Coordinator; Medical Sociology, Global Sociology, Research Methods; (Multicultural Minor, Coordinator)
Kristen Humphrey Social Work 620.235.4329 khumphre@pittstate.edu RH 412C
Disabilities, Advanced Practice, Foster Care, Macro Social Work, School Social Work
Roy Janisch Justice Studies 620.235.4346 rjanisch@pittstate.edu RH 320
Police and Justice, Law and Evidence, Interviewing and Counseling, White Collar Crime and Fraud
Hyun Joong Kim Geography 620.235.4022 hjkim@pittstate.edu RH 319
Geographic Information Systems, East Asia, Cartography
Karl Kunkel Sociology/Justice Studies 620.235.4685 kkunkel@pittstate.edu GH 311
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Crime theory, Crime control policy, Criminal courts, Inequality in the criminal justice system
Kirstin L. Lawson History 620.235.4319 klawson@pittstate.edu RH 406E
Program Coordinator; Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Women in History, Health and Health Care, Theory and Practice
Patty Magee Social Work 620.235.4339 pamagee@pittstate.edu RH 324
Field Instruction Coordinator; Abuse, Neglect and the Court Process, Health Care, Aging and Social Work
James McBain Philosophy 620.235.6039 jmcbain-@pittstate.edu RH 303
Program Coordinator; Epistemology, Ethics, Applied Ethics
Mark Peterson Political Science 620.235.4330 mjpeterson@pittstate.edu RH 327C
Political Economy, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Social Movements, Democratic Theory)
James B. M. Schick History 620.235.4317  jschick@pittstate.edu RH 403
Pre-Columbian, Colonial/Revolutionary America, Contemporary U.S.
Michael Kyle Thompson History 620.235.4318 mkthompson@pittstate.edu RH 301
European and World History
Donald W. Viney Philosophy 620.235.4326 dviney@pittstate.edu RH 412G
Interim Chair; Process Philosophy and Charles Hartshorne, Philosophy and Religion, Logic and Critical Thinking
Gary Wilson Sociology / Justice Studies 620.235.6020 gwilson@pittstate.edu RH  311
Community Sociology, Public Policy (Criminal Justice), Social Deviance
Kelly A. Woestman History 620.235.4316 woestman@pittstate.edu RH 406C
20th Century U.S., U.S. Diplomatic, Oral, Local, Borderlands, Teacher Education
Jeremey Wolfe Social Work 620.235.4313 jdwolfe@pittstate.edu RH 320
Social policy, Social justice within oppressed groups, Leadership development in social work practice, Addiction treatment and mental health, and social work practice.
Paul W. Zagorski Political Science 620.235.4337 zagorski@pittstate.edu RH 412H
Political Thought, Latin America, Comparative Politics; (Director, International Studies Degree)
Emeritus Faculty
Patricia Behlar Political Science Associate Professor Emeritus
U.S. Institutions, Presidency, Congress, Constitutional Law
E. Wayne Busby Social Work Professor Emeritus
Poverty, Social Welfare Policy and Process, Basic Counseling Skills, Health Care
Martin Campion History Professor Emeritus
Military History, Historical Simulations
Ralph O. David Sociology Professor Emeritus
Marriage and Family, Social Institutions
Kathleen G. Fisher History Instructor Emeritus
Late 19th Century, U.S. Social, Early American Republic, U.S. Women, Research Methods
Surenda K. Gupta History Professor Emeritus
Cold War Diplomatic, India-Soviet Relations, Warsaw Pact
Keith L. McCoy Political Science Instructor Emeritus
U.S. Politics, State and Local Government, Presidency
William E. Powell Geography Professor Emeritus
Historical Geography, Cultural Geography
Robert K. Ratzlaff History Professor Emeritus
Jacksonian America, Antebellum South, Kansas
Thomas R. Walther History Professor and Chair Emeritus
19th Century U.S., American Economic, American West, Kansas and Native American