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The Bicknell Family Center for the Arts

Proposed Fine and Performing Arts Center

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Music Education: The curriculum for this degree prepares students to teach and supervise music in the schools from kindergarten to senior high school. The program requires a thorough knowledge of an applied instrument or voice together with conducting and basic techniques of keyboard, woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion instruments, and voice.
Music Degree Curriculum for:
B.M.E. Vocal   Course Listings   Program Guide
B.M.E. Instrumental   Course Listings   Program Guide

Bachelor of Music: The curriculum for this degree enables the student to develop her/his potential on a major instrument or voice together with skills in piano, music theory, history of music and conducting.
Music Degree Curriculum for:
B.M. Vocal   Course Listings   Program Guide
B.M. Instrumental   Course Listings   Program Guide

Bachelor of Arts: The Bachelor of Arts degree follows the broadest aspect of a college education with an emphasis in Music. In contrast to the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Education programs, the Bachelor of Arts students will complete a minor area of study and many will choose to declare a double major. The degree can prepare one for graduate study leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, as well as careers based on cultural concerns or in music rated fields. This degree can also be oriented toward pre-professional or social and/or business opportunities.
Music Degree Curriculum for:
B.A.   Course Listings   Program Guide

Music Degree Curriculum for:
Music Minor  Course Listings   Program Guide

Graduate Program

Master of Music. A number of emphases are available within this program:

Performance:  Keyboard, Strings, Voice, Wind and Percussion Instruments
Vocal Music Education
Instrumental Music Education
Choral Conducting
Instrumental Conducting: Wind or Orchestral

Music Degree Curriculum for Master of Music   Course Listings   Program Overview

Graduate Assistantships in the Music Department