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Pittsburg State Army Reserved Officer Training Corps

Military Science/ROTC is a professional development program that allows you to choose and follow any major offered by the university while participating in courses specific to ROTC.

Upon graduation cadets are then commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army, either on active duty or as a part of a reserve component (National Guard/Reserves).  Multiple contracting scholarships are offered, ranging from four year scholarships down to two year scholarships, as well as receiving a monthly stipend.  Non contracted students are also welcome to  participate in ROTC classes with no obligation for the first two years.  Gorilla Battalion cadets participate in class and labs learning leadership and management skills, two Field Training Exercises a year, Ranger Challenge (a team-oriented military skills competition), various social functions, Honor Guard presenting the colors at university and community functions, and the time-honored Cannon Crew at football games. 

Cadets participate in the Leadership Development Assessment Course between their junior and senior year at Ft. Lewis, WA. It is at this course that all of the skills and leadership developed during your three previous years are put to use and evaluated in order to decide which career field you will be placed into upon graduation and commissioning into the United States Army.


Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program

During the summer of 2014, the Gorilla Battalion sent 5 Cadets around the world in a cultural immersion program, CULP.  This program allows these Cadets to be introduced to new languages and cultures of different regions.  Cadet Keith Weaver, a Junior in ROTC, was sent to Ghana and here are some of his experiences:

"My team and I were sent to the township of Hohoe in the Volta Region on Ghana for three weeks to work with a Non-Government Organization.  This organization focused on volunteer work in schools and medical facilities.  During the week I worked in a small school teaching third grade students English, science, and mathematics.  The students were so eager to learn.  The teacher explained to me that I was the first white person many of these students had ever seen.  On the weekends we traveled the country in order to learn as much as possible about the Ghanaian culture.  We were able to see some amazing sites and do things I never dreamed I would get to do.  This experience as a whole can be one of the most valuable things for future officers in the United States Army.  It trains you to adapt in the environment you are in and boosts your cultural awareness.  The ROTC program at Pittsburg State University has allowed me to do some incredible things and I am thankful for this program providing me with opportunities like CULP.  I am proud to be a Gorilla and proud to be in this ROTC program."

Click the link for photos of his trip along with many others including Cadet Clayton Argyle's trip to Romania and Cadet Kristina Willis's trip to Tanzania.