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Modern Languages Stories

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  • Students immerse into Spanish (Morning Sun)
  • French Club President, Emily Gallup vies for Miss Kansas (PSU Story)Spanish Majors
  • PSU names 2016 outstanding seniors (PSU Story)
  • Five Students in the triple-major club (PSU Story)
  • Glenn Storey's second chance at college includes study abroad (Sun)
  • Internship takes student to Peru (PSU Story)
  • Online summer courses prove popular (PSU Story)
  • Justin Gambill, Spanish major, exceeds recycling goal (KOAM | PSU Story)
  • Russian Club starts at PSU (Collegio)
  • Luke Bunch lands an internship in Paris (PSU Story)
  • Tyler Egbert, Pre-Med and Spanish major, spent a summer in Peru (PSU Story)
  • Zach Dent and Molly Cain selected as teaching assistants in France (Sun | KRPS interview)
  • Jacobi Spresser's summer in Spain (PSU Story)
  • Sophomore Tyler Conklin prepares for Russian semester (PSU Story)
  • The PSU Conversation Partners Program (PDF)
  • Li Shin "Esther" Chang, Spanish minor (PSU Story)
  • Samantha Saia, a Spanish major, & Caitlin Veteto, a French major, were first to receive IKE honors (PSU Story)
  • Kayla Kelsey, Brittany Kjonegaard, Jazmin Ramirez - Homecoming Queen candidates (PSU Story)
  • Patrick Stoddart, Spanish Major (PSU Story)
  • Vincent J. Juliano, 2011 Outstanding Senior, Spanish major (PSU Story)


Faculty and Staff

Campus Authors

  • Miners Hall Museum goes French (Morning Sun)
  • Russian teacher Yulia Senkiv joins MLL faculty (Collegio)
  • Ilnur Khuzin comes from Russia to teach at PSU (Morning Sun)
  • Christine Mekkaoui talks about PSU's Intensive English Program (PSU Story)
  • Library honors faculty authors (PSU Story)
  • Many Nations, one "Big Family" (Collegio)
  • Dr. Myriam Krepps Award for Excellence in Teaching Award (PSU Story)
  • Ms. Roberta Shilane 10 year celebration (PSU Story)
  • Dr. Grant Moss receives Outstanding Faculty Award (YouTube)
  • University honors faculty authors (PSU Story)
  • Spanish Club Fundraiser (PSU Story)
  • Reception honors 11 Faculty authors, Dr. Judy Berry-Bravo, chairperson of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (PSU Story)
  • PSU Faculty Monte McFerron and Edmee Fernandez (KATSP)
  • French club float wins first place in the homecoming parade (Universitas)
  • Spanish is out and French is in - Outside and Inside that is (Universitas)


Alumni and Friends

Zachary Dent

  • Zachary Dent - A Note to Current and Future Students (PSU Story)
  • Melinda Velasquez - It’s a good first step to becoming a global citizen (PSU Story)
  • Rubble yields special memories for tornado survivor (PSU Story)
  • Analia Saldivar, Maria Ferreira, and Jasmine Ramirez, Spanish Conversation Partners (PSU Story)
  • Crystal Pihl - Spanish Major (PSU Story)
  • Venessa Lee - Spanish Major, Runner makes strides toward medical career (PSU Story)
  • Samantha Saia, a Spanish major & Caitlin Veteto, a French major were first to recieve IKE honors (PSU Story)


Trips, Events, Speakers, and Lectures

  • International Education Week 2012 (YouTube)
  • Seminarians attend intensive Spanish language program at PSU (PSU Story)
  • Learning Language in real life: Costa Rica (Universitas)



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