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Documentation should be submitted through Canvas

Study Abroad

Students must participate in a credit bearing study abroad program either sponsored by PSU or 


approved by PSU. After participating, students can log in to the IKE community in 

Canvas and submit documentation. International students studying at PSU may count that as their study abroad experience.

Academic Coursework

Students must complete both coursework requirements in order to complete the academic coursework component.

International Content Courses

Students must complete three courses in different disciplines with a C or better that is on the International Studies list.
International students may take 1 US-focused course as part of their three courses.

When you complete the courses, log in to Canvas' IKE community to submit documentation.

Language Courses

Students must complete a second semester course in a foreign language with a C or better.
International students taking academic courses at PSU complete this section by meeting the TOEFL requirements for PSU.

When you complete the course, log in to Canvas' IKE community to submit documentation.

Here is a list of Modern Language Courses and International Topic Courses that count towards IKE.

Co-curricular Events & Activities

Explanation of IKE Units for different activities

Students will have many different events, activities, lectures, volunteer opportunities, clubs, language tables, conversation partners, and other international opportunities outside of class. The sheet above explains how many points will be assigned to different activities. Students need to earn 60 units to complete the component.

Essay explanation for activities & events

Each type of event has different requirements to earn the units attached. This sheet explains what the essay should entail and how long it should be.

Signature sheet for activities & events

For the activities and events you will need someone to verify that you have attended or participated for the entire time reported. Use your best judgement to get a signature from the most appropriate person depending on the event.


IKE Completion Form

Once you have completed the requirements for two of the three components, you will submit this form through the IKE group in Canvas. The IKE Administrators will confirm that you completed the program. If you have completed the Co-Curricular component as part of the program, bring the IKE Signature Sheet to International Programs & Services, so your participation in the events & activities can be confirmed.