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Language Skills

(Two Semesters or, if you place into 2nd semester or higher one semester - earn a grade of C or better)

MLL 114     Chinese Language and Culture I
MLL 118     Chinese Language and Culture II
MLL124      French Language and Culture I
MLL 128     French Language and Culture II
MLL 222     French Conversation I
MLL 224     French Grammar and Composition I
MLL 154     Spanish Language and Culture I
MLL 158     Spanish Language and Culture II
MLL 250     Spanish: Continuing Spanish Conversation (if 3 credits)
MLL 252     Spanish Conversation I
MLL 254     Spanish Grammar and Composition I
MLL 184     Russian Language and Culture I
MLL 188     Russian Language and Culture II
MLL 194     Korean Language and Culture I
MLL 198     Korean Language and Culture II

International Topic Courses

(Take 3 courses in 3 different disciplines and earn a grade of C or better)

ART 102     Introduction to Visual Art
ART 178     Introduction to the Visual Arts
ART 288     Concepts: Western Art History I
ART 289     Concepts: Western Art History II
ART 688     History of Modern Art
ART 689     Contemporary Issues in Art
BIOL 330    Principles of Ecology
BIOL 665    Medical Entomology
COMM 405  Drama Studies - (when international topic)
COMM 601  Intercultural Communication
COMM 775  Case Studies in Public Relations - (when cases are international)
COMM 785  International Communication
ECON 640   International Trade
ENGL 241    British Literature
ENGL 220    World Masterpieces
ENGL 555    Topics in Literature (when international topic)
ENGL 556/756 Writing Global English
ENGL 560    British Genre
ENGL 561    British Theme (when an international topic)
ENGL 570    International Literature Genre
ENGL 571    International Literature Theme
ENGL 619    Shakespeare
FCS 154     Dress and Culture
FCS 312     History of Design I
FCS 313     History of Design II
FCS 455     History of Costume
FIN 625   International Finance
GEOG 106  World Regional Geography
GEOG 302  Intro to Environmental Geography
GEOG 304  Human Geography
GEOG 307  East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea
GEOG 502  Global Environmental Change
GEOG 507  Geography of the Global Economy
GT 350     Technology and Civilization
HIST 102  World History from 1500
HIST 501  Special Topic World: (when international topic)
HIST 505  African Civilizations
HIST 507  Modern Africa
HIST 510  Modern Middle East
HIST 526  Modern Japan
HIST 527  Modern China
HIST 528  Korea Since 1700
HIST 529  History of South Asia
HIST 531  The Samurai: History, Literature, Myth
HIST 532  History of Japanese Women
HIST 533  US-East Asia Relations
HIST 547  Radical Islam
HIST 590  Soviet Russia
HIST 593  Post-Communist Russia
HIST 605  Africa and the Middle East
HIST 626  Iraq and Afghanistan
HIST 668  United States as a Superpower
HIST 700  Select Subject: (when international topic)
INT 699    Senior Seminar/International Studies
MATH 607      History of Mathematics
MGMKT 439    International Business
MGMKT 605    Cross Cultural Analysis
MGMKT 611    International Marketing
MGMKT 625    Emerging Markets
MLL               Any upper division language course covering topics of literature, culture, art,
                    civilization, history, ot contemporary affairs.
MUSIC 120     Music Appreciation: World Music
PHIL 231      World Religions
POLS 324     Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 512     Environmental Politics (when research/individual project is
                          international/comparative in scope).
POLS 524     European Politics
POLS 525     Politics & War in Middle East
POLS 526     Latin American Politics
POLS 530     International Relations
POLS 587     US Foreign Policy
POLS 630     International Political Economy
POLS 640     African Politics
POLS 680     War: The Politics of Violence
SOC 200      Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 534      Political Sociology
SOC 676      Global Sociology
WOMEN 399 Issues in Women's Studies: Global Women's Issues