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Fashion Merchandising
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need prior experience in retail to succeed in the Fashion Merchandising program?
A: No.  If you are accepted into Pittsburg State University you can declare as a fashion merchandising student.  Prior work experience is beneficial but is not required.  Those students that are most successful are those that gain retail experience during their college years as they build their resume.

Q: Is it possible to finish the program in four years?
A: Absolutely.  Many students begin at a community college and still have enough time to complete their total degree in the four years.  Students in this program have a few electives they can decide how they want to use.  It is often beneficial to consider adding additional employment opportunities by taking some of the FCS Teacher Education courses.

Q:  Will this program prepare me to be a fashion designer?
A:  No.  Our program is a merchandising program.  While you will learn the basics of design principles and constructions, we do not specialize in computer-aided design or sketching.  Students who want to add design elements to their program should consult with their adviser for how to expand their opportunities.

Q:  What does Fashion Merchandising mean?
A:  Fashion Merchandising prepares graduates to work in a variety of occupations from product development through retailing, and everything in between.  79% of the U.S. economy is based on retail.  Students learn about pre-production, trend forecasting, target market analysis, and sourcing of fabrics.  Merchandising students also learn the steps involved in the mass production process, product allocation and distribution, visual merchandising, apparel buying and retailing.