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Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher Education

The list will include former student teaching placements and then list places of employment of graduates.

Employment of Graduates

Adult Education
Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher
Family & Consumer Sciences - Cooperative Extension Agent
Public or Private Secondary Teacher

Careers open to all career options

Consulting Specialist
Consumer Advocate/Consultant
Cooperative Extension Educator 
Family & Consumer Sciences - Cooperative Extension Agent 
Family and Consumer Sciences Educator
Freelance Consultant
Free-lance Home Economist
Freelance Writer
Halfway House Manager
Human Resources
Image Consultant
Information Manager
Information Research Scientist
New Product Manager

Product Developer
Product Specialist
Productivity Consultant
Recreation and Leisure Specialist
Rehabilitation Housing Manager
Research and Development Manager
Stress Management Consultant
Training Services Developer
Utility Home Economist


With additional certifications or graduate school

Communications Specialist
Community College, College University Teaching
Family Mediator
Financial Counselor
Financial Planner
Guidance Counselor
Phobia Therapist
Sex Therapist
Software writer