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Community and Family Services Career Opportunities

The list will include former internship placements and then list places of employment of graduates.


Shadow Extension Agents (both Anna Mae Brown and Martha Flanagan)
Commercial food facility at Ft. Scott Hospital
Family & Consumer Sciences - Cooperative Extension Agent
Kansas Family And Consumer Sciences Extension Association
Assist with the Crawford County Youth Sewing Program in the Summer


The following jobs are those for which a graduate of Individual & Family Management might apply.

Adult Education Instructor
Benefits Coordinator             
Better Business Bureau Arbitrator 
Chamber of Commerce Administrator
Claims Representative    
Consumer Affairs Advocate
Consumer Relations Manager
Consumer Relations Specialist
Customer Relations Manager             
Customer Services Assistant              
Customer Services Representative               
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
Energy User Advisor
Family & Consumer Sciences - Cooperative Extension Agent 
Loan Counselor 
Newsletter Editor 
Office Manager  (Administrative Services Manager)   
Product Tester  
Public Information Specialist
Supermarket Consumer Specialist
Telemarketing Specialist
Training Coordinator   
Utility Company Consumer Representative
Utility Company Home Service Advisor 
Wellness Coordinator

With additional certifications or graduate school:

Administrative Dietitian  
Attorney - Family Law  
Behavioral Specialist 
Clinical Dietitian  
Community Coordinator for Aging Services
Community Nutritionist   
Consultant Dietitian      
Consumer Law Coordinator
Corporate Foundation Director
Daily Living Coordinator of Disabled Adults
Department of Consumer Affairs Director
Director Consumer Affairs
Director of Community & Patient Education
Director of Environmental & Consumer Affairs Agency
Director of Nutrition Services
Executive Director for Area Social Services Agencies               
Food Consultant Specialist  
Nutrition Coordinator   
Nutrition Educator
Nutrition Support Dietitian  
Product Developer
Product Marketing Specialist
Product Specialist
Real Estate Developer/Broker/Sales Person/Property Manager
Research Dietitian  
Research Scientist 
School Lunch Program Director
Sports Nutritionist 
Teaching Dietitian  
Trade & Consumer Services Manager