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Department of English
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Department Chair:

Dr. Celia Patterson

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Shannon Spear

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Phone: 620-235-4689
Fax: 620-235-4686

English Department
434 Grubbs Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762


Celia Patterson, Department Chair
Professor, English

434 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4689
B.S., M.S., East Texas State University-Texarkana; Ph.D., University of Tulsa.
Specialties: Technical writing, modern American fiction, American women's fiction, Anglo-American WWI literature.
Publications: A Technical Writing Manual (2005); articles on technical writing, Chopin, and Faulkner; book reviews.

Full-Time Faculty

Christopher Todd Anderson, Associate Professor, English
414 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6589
B.A., Earlham College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut.
Specialties: American literature, ecopoetry and environmental literature, science and literature, creative writing.
Publications: Articles on garbage in American poetry, Denise Levertov; environmentalism; poetry.

Lynn Caldwell, Instructor, English; Assistant Director, The Writing Center
405 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6084
B.A., Pittsburg State University; M.A., Pittsburg State University.
Specialties: Rhetoric and Composition
Research Interests: Writing center theory and practice, research writing pedagogy, classical and contemporary rhetoric.

Susan A. Carlson, Professor, English
410 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4692
B.A., Drew University; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Specialties: British Romantic and Victorian literature, 19th century women writers, literary theory.
Publications: Articles on Charlotte Brontë and Mary Shelley.

Kathleen R. De Grave, University Professor, English and Creative Writing
449 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4705
B.A., University of Wisconsin Green Bay; M.A., University of Arkansas; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison.
Specialties: Fiction writing, American literature, 19th century women writers.
Publications: Swindler, Spy, Rebel: The Confidence Woman in Nineteenth-Century America (1995); Company Woman (1995); short stories, reviews, and articles on women's writing.

John T. Ikeda Franklin, Associate Professor, English Education
445 Grubbs Hall    620-235-4693
B.A., Rice University; Teaching Certificate, State of Texas; M.A., Miami University; Ph.D., University of Florida.
Specialties: English education, discourse analysis, young adult literature, editing.
Presentations, Broadcasts, and Research Interests: 21st Century Literature: An Anthology of Visual Essays; 21st Century Composition: A Program of CompoVisions; bullying; history of English education; grassroots literacy movements; young adult literature.

James M. Greene, Assistant Professor, English


441 Grubbs Hall          620-240-7587

B.A., University of Kentucky; M.A., Ph.D., West Virginia University

Specialties: Early American literature, 19th century American literature

Publications: Articles on personal narratives of Revolutionary War veterans

Morgan Gross, Instructor, English; Assistant Director, The Writing Center
405 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6084
B.A., Southwestern University; M.A., Texas State University-San Marcos.
Specialties: Rhetoric and Composition
Research Interests: Writing center theory and practice, composition pedagogy, computers and writing.

Casie Hermansson, Professor, English
450 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4037
B.A., Massey University (New Zealand); M.A., Ph.D., University of Toronto.
Specialties: 20th century British literature, women’s literature, fiction studies, literary theory, Canadian literature, world literature.
Publications and Presentations: Reading Feminist Intertextuality Through Bluebeard Stories (2001); articles on F. Scott Fitzgerald and Chaucer, Northanger Abbey, and the Canadian short story; book reviews.

Leslie Hutchinson, Instructor, English; Assistant Director, The Writing Center
443 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4695
B.A., California State University San Bernardino; M.A., California State University San Bernardino.
Specialties: Rhetoric and Composition; Marxist theory.
Research Interests: cultural rhetorics, composition pedagogy, computers and composition, and writing center theory and practice.

Donald Judd, Professor, English; Director, Writing Across the Curriculum; Co-Director, Writing Center; Co-Coordinator, Discipline-Based Writing Assessment
425 Grubbs     620-235-4697
B.A., M.A., Eastern Washington University; Ph.D, University of Nevada, Reno.
Specialties: Composition and Rhetoric, Critical Realist Theory, Marxist Theory, Rhetoric and Science.
Publications: Critical Realism and Composition Theory (2003); Articles on designing writing assignments and environmental issues.

Paul McCallum, Professor, English; Director, Graduate Studies
409 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4699
B.A., Morningside College; M.A., University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Ph.D., University of New Hampshire.
Specialties: 17th and 18th century British literature, modernist literature, British poetry, Evelyn Waugh, W. Somerset Maugham.
Research Interests: Alexander Pope, Literary celebrity, modernism and genres.

Jamie L. McDaniel, Assistant Professor, English; Director, Technical/Professional Writing; Editor, The CEA Forum
402 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4744
B.A., Samford University; M.A., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve.
Specialties: Technical and professional writing, twentieth- and twenty-first-century British literature, digital literacy and new media, gender studies and feminist theory, adaptation theory and practice, women's writing, and the horror movie.
Publications: Articles on Britishness and gender identity; short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction.

Ann Meats, Instructor, English
443 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4695
B.A., M.A., Pittsburg State University.
Specialty: Technical/Professional Writing.

Stephen E. Meats, Professor, English and Creative Writing
444 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4935
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of South Carolina.
Specialties: 19th century and Modern American literature, editing.
Publications: Looking for the Pale Eagle (Woodley Press, 1993); ed. (with Keen Butterworth), Joscelyn: A Tale of the Revolution, by William Gilmore Simms (U of South Carolina Press, 1975); ed. (with James B. Meriwether), Revolutionary War Novels of William Gilmore Simms, 8 vols. (Reprint Company, 1979); ed. (with Edwin T. Arnold), Writings of Benjamin F. Perry, 3 vols. (Reprint Company, 1980); ed., The Partisan: A Romance of the Revolution, by William Gilmore Simms (U of Arkansas Press, 2011); articles on Faulkner, Simms, Henry William Herbert, Whitman, Mary Boykin Chesnut, Southern humor, scholarly editing; poetry, short stories, book reviews; poetry editor, The Midwest Quarterly.

Lyle W. Morgan II, Professor, English; Director, English Education; Director, Freshman Composition
438 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4691
A.B., Doane College; M.Ed., Florida State University; M.A.E., M.S.E., Wayne State College; Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
Specialties: Composition, English education, Walt Whitman, late 19th and early 20th Century British fiction.
Publications: Articles on book censorship; The Homeopathic Treatment of Sports Injuries (1986); Homeopathic Medicine and Emergency Care (1990); Treating Sports Injuries the Natural Way (1984); Homeopathy and Your Child (1992); book reviews.

Paul (Skip) Morris, Professor, English; English Computer Lab Coordinator; Co-Coordinator, Disciplined-Based Writing Assessment 
426 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4717
B.A., University of California at Davis; M.A., Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno.
Specialties: Rhetoric and composition, computer-aided-instruction, modern American and British literature, creative writing.
Publications: The New Literacy: Moving Beyond the 3Rs with Stephen Tchudi (1996); articles about computers and writing; short stories; book reviews; creative non-fiction.

Philip W. Rudd, Assistant Professor, English
451 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4701
B.S.E., Southeast Missouri State University; M.A., Southeast Missouri State University; Ph.D., Ball State University.
Specialties: English linguistics; History of the English Language; second language acquisition; contact linguistics; African linguistics.
Publications: Articles on pragmatics, discourse markers.

Laura Lee Washburn, Professor, English; Director, Creative Writing
439 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4643
B.A., Old Dominion University; M.F.A., Arizona State University.
Specialties: Poetry writing, 20th century American poetry and fiction, composition.
Publications: Watching the Contortionists (1996); This Good Warm Place (1998); This Good Warm Place (2nd ed., 2008); poems, articles on creative writing pedagogy.

Lowell Mick White, Assistant Professor, English
401 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4696
B.A., University of Texas-Austin; M.A., Ph.D. Texas A&M University.
Specialties: Fiction writing, American literature, regional literature.
Publications: Long Time Ago Good (2009); That Demon Life (2009); short stories.

Janet S. Zepernick, Associate Professor, English; Co-director, Writing Across the Curriculum & Writing Center
424 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6539
B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.A., Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University.
Specialties: : Rhetoric and composition, British Medieval literature.
Research interests: Writing pedagogy; rhetoric and public policy; rhetorical situations for women’s discourse.

Part-Time Faculty

Larry H. Fields, Part-Time Lecturer
447 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6085

Shamala Gallagher, Part-Time Lecturer
440 Grubbs Hall     620-235-7588

Nancy Grantham, Part-Time Lecturer
412 Russ Hall    620-235-4325

Lori Hartness, Part-Time Lecturer
440 Russ Hall    620-235-7588

Sherry Moentmann, Part-Time Lecturer
447 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6085

Michael Morton, Part-Time Lecturer
442 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4712

Dayne Riley, Part-Time Lecturer
442 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4712

Tamara Tsybizova, Part-Time Lecturer
447 Grubbs Hall     620-235-6085

Graduate Assistants

David Beck, Graduate Assistant
437 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4690

Jonathan Boydston, Graduate Assistant
436 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4703

Kacie Cooper, Graduate Assistant
436 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4703

Michelle Gorges, Graduate Assistant
436 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4703

Anna Hinton, Graduate Assistant
436 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4703

Tayler Klein, Graduate Assistant
436 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4703

Mary Larsen, Graduate Assistant
437 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4690

Megan McFall (Goins), Graduate Assistant
437 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4690

Cody Shrum, Graduate Assistant
437 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4690

Hannah Walker, Graduate Assistant
437 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4690

Office Staff

Shannon Spear, Administrative Specialist and Contact Person
434 Grubbs Hall     620-235-4689