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Kevin Gray

Since leaving Pittsburg State, Kevin Gray has published two books, but we'll let him speak for himself:

"I am a Pitt grad, well Kansas State College '76 grad. I left Virginia in 1971 to give college in Kansas a try. I barely made it through high school and On the Strand is my story, one I began in 1997 when I found myself in a writing program at the McGregor School of Antioch University. Through this program, I not only earned a master's in creative nonfiction but finished with a manuscript I knew could be published.

I have now published two of my books, a two-book memoir, the first called Waking Up in the Studebaker and the newest one, On the Strand. Strand takes on a question I still get asked: "Why Kansas?" Bruce Springsteen once asked me the same question?

The cover for On the Strand should grab the attention of Pitt Staters. Check out my new website for a look at the cover and a full-scale look at the sweep of Strand. The top picture was taken in the food service on campus in 1971 and the second on Highway 1 north of Morro Bay, California, in 1972. There are plenty of KSC/Pittsburg pictures on the site. The title for the book comes from a poem my father wrote while he was a student at Kansas State Teachers College in Pittsburg."

Linda Kage

Linda Kage is a romance writer who recently published The Stillburrow Crush. About the novel she says, "It's finally here! My debut novel, The Stillburrow Crush, is out now and available at online bookstores across the world. A young adult romance, The Stillburrow Crush will appeal to teen girls who love wonky beginnings, heart-wrenching middles, and happy endings."

You can read more about Linda at her website and blog.