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Plastics Engineering Technology Degree Programs

The following degree programs are available in Plastics Engineering Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology - Major in Plastics Engineering Technology

The Plastics Engineering Technology major has two emphases: Manufacturing and Design which involve comprehensive coursework, involving practical and theoretical lectures with a strong emphasis on applied laboratory efforts in the areas of processing, resins, testing and design.

The coursework is designed to provide graduates for industry who are prepared to use their knowledge and skills of plastic materials, processes and related technology to help create the best possible quality products at the most economical cost.  It is hoped that these same graduates will provide the continuation of this knowledge to colleagues and new employees as well as giving back to the Plastics Engineering Technology program in the future with their skills and other resources.

Specific Degree Information

Bachelor of Applied Science for Two-Year Associate Degree Graduates

This program offers students who have graduated from a two-year associate degree technical program the opportunity to extend their education and training.  All associate degree graduates (with a minimum of 2.5000 GPA) can automatically transfer up to 64 college credits to Pittsburg State.  Graduates receive a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in technology and a selected emphasis by completing an additional minimum of 60 hours from PSU.  The degree program content is based on previous academic and technical preparation.

Like two-year technical programs, this bachelor degree gives students complete, hands-on training for a real-world job. Students learn engineering technology, theory, logic, leadership, and business skills to broaden their knowledge, and to better prepare them for management opportunities.       

Coursework is both specialized and comprehensive. Emphasis areas are similar to the programs completed in the associate degrees. Technical emphases areas through the Engineering Technology department are Electronics Emphasis, Manufacturing Emphasis, Mechanical Emphasis, and Plastics Emphasis.

Specific Program Information

Minor in Plastics Technology

The technology minors in the Department of Engineering Technology require a minimum of 21 semester hours in a technical area. Minors are available in the following technical areas:  electronics technology, manufacturing management, manufacturing technology, mechanical technology, and plastics technology.