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Plastics Engineering Technology Current Events

Read the latest news and events from the Plastics Engineering Technology at Pittsburg State University.

National Plastics Expo (Orlando, FL) - There were over 2 million square feet and over 17,000 exhibitors for the National Plastics Exposition in Orlando, FL.  The students who attended were:  Austin Bailey, Aaron Burns, Jeremy Donahue, Robert Hale, Gabe Harris, Colton Lay, Mitch Mosley, and Matt Smallwood.  Professors who attended were Paul Herring and Rebeca Book. (04/06/2012)

David Lopez is a junior plastics engineering technology major from Pittsburg, KS.  David won 1st place in a contest for fiction writing. His entry "Lonely Woman" will be published in the 2011-2012 edition of the Cow Creek Review. (03/27/12)

George Brandecker is a freshman plastics engineering technology major from Lee's Summit, MO. He is a right handed pitcher for the PSU baseball team!  While in high school he posted a 10-1 record with 85 strikeouts for his American Legion team. (03/27/12)

General Plastics - This week in general plastics the focus was on thermoforming.  Did some thermoforming in the lab using the machine and making flowerpots.  Took a tour of a local company that manufactures a variety of thermoformed items from fish ponds to garbage can lids to "green" flower holders for roofs in major cities( holders help insulate, soak up extra rain water, and beautify the roofs).  The students get the theory in lecture, practice in the lab, and then see an example of the process in industry. (03/27/12)

Moonbuggy Seat - Some of the senior engineering plastics students are working with the mechanical and manufacturing departments to help them come up with a strong and lightweight seat for their moonbuggy design.  The moonbuggy is a NASA competition that is an annual event in Huntsville, Alabama that PSU regularly participates in.  Paul is helping the students with the seat design, while Bob has helped the students with some of the suspension being made from composites.  For more on the competition check it out on:  (03/07/12)

National Plastics Exposition 2012 - April 2-6 - Orlando, FL - Paul Herring and Rebeca Book are going to accompany 8 students from plastics engineering technology to NPE in Orlando.  In order to raise money, they are being sponsored by 10 different companies who will have their names printed on the backs of polo shirts which the students and faculty will wear while attending the conference.  The companies are:  Thermal Tech Equipment, Pitt Plastics, OK Section of SPE, MIT-RCF, RD Leverage, Westland, Charloma, Mirocke Sales, Harold Payne Plastics, and SNR Denton. (03/07/12)
NASCAR Speedway - If you attend the races at Kansas City during April 20-22, you might see some of the PSU plastics engineering technology students working as security.  The students work the events in order to raise money for their activities.  (03/07/12)
Tours of PSU Plastics Program - A freshmen class from Frontenac High School came to the Kansas Technology Center to explore plastics.  Their instructor was a graduate of the PSU technology education program and had taken the general plastics course.  Paul gave them a tour of the lab area with Jacob Hine helping.  Tomorrow, Carthage High School is expected to take a tour of the plastics area and Bob will be giving them the tour. (03/07/12)

New BioAcrylic Material - Rebeca attended a Society of Women's 
Engineering Conference in Tulsa, OK, last week and met some representatives of OPX Bio.  They are located in Boulder, CO, and have out with the following from their website

"With unprecedented speed and capital efficiency, in just 18 months OPXBIO developed and piloted the microbe and process that will produce its first biochemical product – BioAcrylic – at 30 to 50 percent lower cost and a 75 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over current petrol-based acrylic."  (03/07/12)

General Plastics - This week in general plastics the focus was on rotational molding.  Did some rotational molding in the lab using the machine and making four parts at one time on the arms.  Took a tour of a local company that manufactures slides for playground equipment.  Their machine can handle up to 4 molds at one time at a maximum length of 17 feet.  The machine is huge and uses a "rock and roll" technique.  (03/07/12)

Hurricane Covers - Bob Susnik is helping Matt Smallwood, a PSU plastics graduate student, and a PSU alum do testing - mechanical and burn on plastic material.  The plastic material is being evaluated to replace the typical plywood covers for windows in hurricanes.  (03/07/12)