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Plastics Engineering Technology

The Plastics Engineering Technology Program emphasizes detailed technical knowledge as well as real world application. Plastics is a rapidly expanding field, both as a science and an industry, our curriculum keeps pace with changes and anticipated industrial needs. The Plastics Engineering Technology program at Pittsburg State University has a four-year curriculum which culminates in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology. The Plastics Engineering program is fully accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC-ABET).

Is a major in plastics right for you?
Successful students in plastics have the following qualities:

  • an interest in how things work and designing or making items
  • a good work ethic
  • good mechanical aptitude
  • computer applications
  • competence in academic subjects such as
    • mathematics
    • chemistry
    • speech
    • English
  • the willingness to learn technical subjects