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Electronics Engineering Technology
Educational Objectives


The Electronics Engineering Technology Program produces graduates that are valued by industry regionally and across the globe. We are preparing people to be successful in a variety of industry settings and across a wide spectrum of electronic venues.

Program Educational Objectives are general statements describing the characteristics our graduates exhibit within the first five years out of our program. The program educational objectives of our program state that Electronics Engineering Technology program graduates at a minimum will:

  1. be sought after and employed by local and regional industry.
  2. demonstrate the technical skills to support industry needs and/or solve technical problems.
  3. demonstrate the knowledge and skill to operate across the breadth of the Electronics Engineering Technology discipline.

These are very general statements. The Electronics Engineering Technology Program is committed to quality and in order to be successful creating graduates meeting these objectives, we have a detailed set of Student Outcomes we expect to occur in our courses. Student Outcomes are measureable performance indicators of capabilities that are developed in each of our courses. We link all of our outcomes to course and laboratory based objectives which link back to major topic ideas in the courses.

To see a listing of all these items please click on the link below.

Electronics Engineering Technology Curriculum Topics and Student Outcomes (PDF)