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Journal of Managerial Issues - Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Journal of Managerial Issues is to contribute to the advance of information, ideas, and concepts related to the theory of organizations and the practice of management. The Journal is interested in publishing a wide range and mix of topics from any field of practical interest to the business community. Practical applications and empirical studies, as well as methodological and theoretical developments, are welcomed. The Journal will strive for a balanced content that will include the full range of subjects taught in business school and related disciplines that is applicable to management functions and practice.

The Journal is interested in research which:

  1. Formulates and explores new conceptual models.
  2. Reports relevant survey research findings.
  3. Integrates or synthesizes different fields of understanding.
  4. Tests work-related hypotheses of practical significance.
  5. Evaluates the results of field experiments and case studies.
  6. Summarizes and evaluates areas of new understanding.
  7. Presents new insights into major issues within the field of management and organizations.

Contributions from both the general trend of contemporary scholarship as well as those not following orthodoxy are welcomed.

The JMI is directed to both academicians and practitioners. It is interested in cultivating a readership of university faculty and administrators, business executives, and governmental administrators.

The JMI seeks the following types of articles: those that have direct practical application to business; articles that, though not necessarily applied in nature, would be of interest to both business managers and academicians; and those that explore public policy issues related to business. Articles should be scholarly but not overly technical or specialized. It should not be assumed that the readers are completely familiar with the concepts and terminology of a specific subject under study.

The goal of the JMI is to disseminate the results of new and original findings of both the academic and the business community, and, of particular importance, to serve as a bridge between them.

Journal of Managerial Issues