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Career Opportunities

A major in economics is designed for students who wish careers in bank management, business forecasting, labor relations, operations analysis, or who wish to pursue managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations. A major in finance prepares students for careers in banking, investment houses, savings and loan institutions, credit unions, credit management, and for managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations. The study of economics and finance requires a blend of analytical, evaluative and descriptive skills and can be very challenging and rewarding.

The following partial list of positions attained by economics and finance majors indicate the breadth and richness of career opportunities open to our graduates:

  • Investment Banker/Executive
  • Transportation Analyst
  • Public Utility Rate Forecaster
  • City/Urban Planner
  • Federal Reserve Bank Officer
  • Analyst, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Industry Economist
  • Analyst, Council of Economic Advisors
  • Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission
  • Executive, U.S. Foreign Service
  • Business Analyst, Financial Firm
  • Stock Broker
  • Financial Manager
  • Industry Specialist
  • Labor Negotiator
  • Research Staff, Labor Union
  • Contract Administrator
  • Self-Employed Consultant
  • Registered Representative, Financial Firm
  • Mid- and Upper-Level Industry Executives

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