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Automotive Technology Contact

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Dr. Robert Frisbee

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Kindra O'Connor

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Phone: 620-235-6189
Fax: 620-235-6190

N120 Kansas Technology Center Pittsburg State University 1701 S. Broadway St. Pittsburg, KS 66762

Four-Year Automotive Technology

Automotive Mechanical Design

The Automotive Mechanical Design (AMD) option is available for the automotive-minded student who not only wants to study all of the automotive systems from bumper to bumper, but also have a strong math aptitude and desire to learn and expand their knowledge in science, physics, and mechanical design. Students in this option must complete Math 150 Calculus I for the college math requirement, and many students choose to take MATH 126 Pre-Calculus, especially if they lacked trigonometry in high school. Students will also complete PHYS 104 Engineering Physics for the physical science degree requirement. Students will gain hand-on experience using SolidWorks software.

The option requires students to complete the following 21 credit hours from the Department of Engineering Technology.

MECET 121: Engineering Graphics I 3 hrs
MECET 220: Statics 3 hrs
MECET 226: Computer Aided Design 3 hrs
MECET 420: Kinematics 2 hrs
MECET 423: Mechanics of Materials 3 hrs
MECET 424: Mechanics of Materials Laboratory 1 hr
MECET 428: Thermodynamics 3hrs
MECET 523: Mechanical Design I 3 hrs

Students must complete several classes in a sequence to ensure that they meet each of the course prerequisites. This option is not a good choice for a transfer student who wants to complete their degree in 3 or 4 semesters, due to the class prerequisites.

Students who also complete AT 416 Fluid Power or MECET 524 Fluid Mechanics will earn a minor in “Mechanical Technology.”