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Dr. John Thompson

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Heather Thomas

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N120 Kansas Technology Center Pittsburg State University 1701 S. Broadway St. Pittsburg, KS 66762

Transfer Students - BAS Degree

Caterpillar ThinkBIGGER

For those who want to take their career to another level, this program offers students who have graduated from an accredited Caterpillar® Dealer Service Technician Program (ThinkBIG) the opportunity to extend their education and training at Pittsburg State University's College of Technology in Pittsburg, Kansas.

In fact, those ThinkBIG graduates (with a minimum of 3.0 GPA) can automatically transfer up to 64 college credits to Pittsburg State. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Applied Science (Diesel and Heavy Equipment-Caterpillar Emphasis) by taking an additional 60 hours from PSU, in as little as two years.


Why ThinkBIGGER?

Like the two-year program, ThinkBIGGER gives you complete, hands-on training for a real-world job. But in addition, this four-year program gives you technology management, theory, logic, leadership, and business skills to broaden your knowledge, better prepare you for management opportunities, and make you a more versatile employee. You'll also have access to on-campus housing, as well as scholarship and internship opportunities.


Degree Requirements

Program coursework is comprehensive, specialized, and well-rounded. Your course areas will include those similar to the types you took in the ThinkBIG program, but with an emphasis in service management, manufacturing management and diesel and heavy equipment.


Program Guide

The program guide for the BAS in Diesel & Heavy Equipment - CAT Emphasis is intended to be used for planning purposes of a student's academic program and does not constitute a contract. Courses, graduation requirements and curricula are subject to change.


Contact Information

For more information on this program, please contact:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is an internship required?
Pitt State requires internships in the ThinkBIGGER program.  Corporate Caterpillar has a limited number of internship opportunities.  Many Caterpillar dealers who have relationships with these students during their ThinkBIG days are interested to consider ThinkBIGGER internships.   Each student has several internship options to consider.  "Do you want your career to be dealer/distributor focused, or corporate focused?"   ThinkBIGGER students selected for Corporate Caterpillar internships are directed to Peoria, Illinois.  Those internships duties vary.  Some duties might consist of writing service literature or performing tests on equipment.   Students are especially encouraged to pursue internships with their dealership, which sponsored them during their 2-year ThinkBIG degree.

Do you require a "Dealership Sponsor?"
Pitt State does not require a dealer-sponsor during your time at PSU. However, students are still required to complete at least one internship, which is generally completed between your junior and senior year.  This internship can be with a corporate manufacturer, a large construction company, a dealership, or with any other similar company that requires managing equipment fleets.  We highly recommend ThinkBIGGER students to maintain a positive relationship with their former sponsoring Caterpillar dealership.  Your dealership-company deserves knowing specifically what your employment plans are for the future, and they also deserve receiving the opportunity to recruit you to return back to the dealership-company.

Some students attend PSU with the commitment of returning to their sponsoring dealership.  When students commit to a dealer, the dealership typically makes a contract with the student for him or her to return to work for a specific amount of time (example 2 to 4 years).  Some dealerships have chosen not sponsor the student, however instead they might offer assistance for paying a stipend to be used for student loans once the student graduates and returns to the dealership.

Open enrollment or closed enrollment?
Pitt State has open enrollment. Student will enroll in classes based upon choices available in the degree and classes available for that term. Students will NOT have set specific classes that they take sequentially every semester. Instead, the degree allows you to tailor your interest and give you the needed flexibility to work around your internship.  Students who are admitted into the university by the first week of April, can ask the ThinkBIGGER coordinator to enroll them at the first opportunity (early or mid April) so that they can be placed in classes with other ThinkBIGGER students.  Students can technically begin their course work at PSU during the usual 16-week Fall semester (August), or in the Spring 16-week semester (January), and a few have chosen to start during the 8 week summer semester (June) as well.  Once students are admitted into the institution, they can enroll at anytime from mid-April up until class work begins in August.