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Two-Year vs. Four-Year Program

Are you having trouble deciding whether you should pursue a 2-year associate's degree in Automotive Service Technology or a 4-year bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology?  First off, good news, Pittsburg State University offers both degrees.

2-Year Program

If a student prefers to use their hands every day working on the automobile, desires to pursue an automotive career away from large metropolitan areas, then the 2-year associates degree is the right choice.  The 2-year associates degree also offers numerous career opportunities in dealerships in large metropolitan areas.  However, the majority of 4-year automotive graduate typically accept positions in larger metropolitan areas.

4-Year Program

If a student desires to become a manager, to pursue a career with a corporation, or to complete a higher level of education possible while still young and without a family to raise, then a four-year degree is the right choice.