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Bicknell Family Center for the Arts Becoming a Reality at PSU

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Proposed Fine and Performing Arts Center

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Interim Department Chair:

Cynthia Allan

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Marty White

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Phone: 620-235-4302
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Department of Art
101 Porter Hall
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762

High School Art Day Registration Now Open!

The theme is "Welcome Back to the Jungle". We are excite to be able to have the construction behind us. The faculty and students at Pittsburg State University Department of Art hope you will join us for High School Art Day! It is going to be bigger and better! 

Contact Tony Fuentez to Register. jfuentez@pittstate.edu
10 students per school

You can look forward to...

• Please be reminded that there is a limit of 2 works per student.
• Works of art should not have been shown at the last PSU High School Art Day.
• Artwork must arrive as quickly as can be here to insure that works are properly
installed and available for the juror to review.
·      Artwork should have tags attached prior to arrival at PSU High School Art Day.

2D Competition Guidelines:
• Work can be drawing, painting, photography, or mixed media.
·      Individual award categories in painting, photography, digital art, commercially applied art and mixed media.
·      Overall award in 2-D
• Work should be no larger than 18” X 24”
• Matting is recommended but not required. No framed work please.
• Work must have been completed in the past two years, and produced by
students still enrolled in high school.

3D Competition Guidelines:
• Work can be jewelry, ceramics or sculpture.
·      Individual award categories in jewelry, ceramics, and sculpture
·      Overall award in 3-D
• Work should be no larger than 3’ in any one direction
• Work must have been completed in the past two years, and produced by
students still enrolled in high school

Students participating in competitions should plan on taking part in only one of the three competitions because they take place simultaneously, from 9:00-10:45.

Welcome Back to the Jungle
(This competition will take place in the Overman Student Center.)


The Jungle animal – Can be done PRIOR to High School Art Day. Main material used should be from magazines. Other materials maybe uses in collaboration with the magazines.

The Environment – MUST be done DURING High School Art Day. Cardboard will be provided. You may bring materials such as paper towels and toilet paper and the rolls.  Approach this construction of an environment remembering that paper towel and toilet paper rolls can be pleated, folded, scrunched, rolled, torn, crumpled, ruffled, woven, taped, tabbed, and slotted.  In addition, by placing the jungle animal in an unexpected environment a narrative is created. Push this narrative as far as you can! NO SPRAY PAINT!!!

Team Challenge award will be judged on the following criteria:
1.    Creativity
2.    Personality of the jungle animal
3.    How well the Jungle animal works with the paper towel and toilet paper environment
4.    Narrative of entire piece
5.    Use of materials

Students participating in competitions should plan on taking part in only one of the following because they take place simultaneously.


CHALLENGE: Create some Jungle Bling for you and your friends. 

            MATERIALS TO BRING: Whatever you want!

            MATERIALS PROVIDED BY PSU:  masking and duct tape


CHALLENGE:  to create a compelling self-portrait based on observation and imagination.
            MATERIALS TO BRING:  graphite pencils, eraser, and a small mirror
            MATERIAL PROVIDED BY PSU:  paper
**High School Faculty members will be welcome to participate by drawing their own self-portraits and are asked to bring their own materials.  Faculty will not be eligible for competitive awards.

Department of Art

Pittsburg State University
High School Art Day
Welcome Back to the Jungle

November 19, 2015

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2014 Fall/Winter Gallery Exhibitions

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Porter Hall Art Building

Porter Hall - street view

The Department of Art is located in Porter Hall, which is comprised of three levels of art studios and classrooms. The Pittsburg State University Art Gallery, the Harry Krug Art Gallery, and the Art Students' Gallery are also within Porter Hall.

This complex of studios, galleries, and classrooms affords students an environment for significant artistic learning opportunities for the study of ceramics, printmaking, jewelry design, weaving, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, art history, and art education.

All studios are professionally equipped to meet the standards of a university art department.