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Admission Requirements

Overall Requirements

  1. Complete the admission application.
  2. Be recommended for teacher education by your advisor, Explorations in Education or Transitions instructor, and two college instructors.
  3. Meet a basic skills requirement with a minimum of ACT composite score of 22. If your ACT score does not meet this minimum requirement, you may petition CARTE for the right to meet the basic skills requirement using one of the following options:
    • College-Base: English-Reading & Literature = 235, English-Writing = 235, Math = 235
    • Core: Reading = 156, Writing = 162, Math = 142
    • SAT: minimum score of 1120 (if after March 1, 2016)
  4. Complete EDUC 261 Explorations in Education with a minimum grade of "C."
  5. Complete UGS 101 Transitions (for students transferring credit for EDUC 261 only).
  6. Complete a statement of disclosure and background check.
  7. Complete electronic portfolio submission 1.

Forms are available in the Office of Teacher Education, 110 Hughes Hall.

Additional Requirements for Elementary Education

(Early/Late Childhood K-6 and Early Childhood Unified)

  1. Complete the General Education Core Curriculum (see Teacher Education handbook for specific information) with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.80.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.80

Additional Requirements for Secondary and PK-12

  1. Earn a "C" or better in ENGL 101, ENGL 299, COMM 207, and 3 hours of MATH (College Algebra or above).
  2. Cumulative GPA or 2.50.

Special Note: These requirements are subject to change.

Transfer Student Information

Students who have completed an Introduction to Education course at another institution of higher education MAY be eligible to have the course transferred to Pittsburg State University as an equivalent to the entry-level education course, EDUC 261 Explorations in Education. For full credit and to meet admission requirements for Teacher Education, students who transfer this course to PSU must enroll in UGS 101 Transitions and also complete a non-credit transfer module during their first semester at PSU.

A component of the transfer module includes proof of completion of a field experience in the area in which the candidate wishes to teach. This proof should be submitted in the form of an evaluation of the candidate's performance during the experience. If an evaluation is not available, forms are available in the Office of Teacher Education that can then be completed by the classroom teacher in which the candidate was placed. For example, a Family and Consumer Science major needs to provide an evaluation from a field experience in a secondary family and consumer science classroom. For students who have not completed a field experience in their respective teaching area, the field experience will be completed in EDUC 307 Clinical Experience. All Early Childhood/Late Childhood K-6 majors will be required to take EDUC 307 Clinical Experience.

For further information concerning these requirements or the transfer of education courses, contact the Office of Teacher Education, 110 Hughes Hall. The office can be contacted via email at or phone at (620) 235-4489.

Professional Classroom Dress Guidelines

As a teacher candidate at Pittsburg State University, you will be visiting, interacting, and teaching in several different school classrooms. Dressing professionally is important because you are making your first impression at a school and do not know who will notice and/or remember you and your appearance. You will be representing PSU, the department, and yourself as a teacher. Dressing professionally can make a positive difference.

The definition of professionalism is described as being ‘distinguished from an amateur’. As a teacher candidate, you are more than a student; you are representing the teaching profession. As such, your manner of dress needs to reflect professionalism. You will being provided with guidelines that will assist your success in the classroom.

PSU issued name tags are required to be worn in all school visits.