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College of Education

Dean's Office
Health, Human Performance & Recreation
Psychology & Counseling
Teaching & Leadership


Dean's Office

*All offices located in Hughes Hall, unless otherwise noted.
Dr. James Truelove
Dean & Professor 115A 620-235-4516
Dr. Jean Dockers
Director of Teacher Education &
Assistant Professor 110A 620-235-4636
Amanda Hill
Educational Licensure Officer 110B 620-235-6153
Steve Brown
Assistant Coordinator for Assessment 110C 620-235-6148
Kylie Edgecomb
Instructional Support Consultant 117B 620-235-6171
Chris Fleury Chris Fleury
Senior Technical Support Consultant 216 Kelce 620-235-4873
Karen Lasota
Senior Administrative Specialist 115B 620-235-4517
Megan Simmons
Administrative Specialist
Teacher Education 110 620-235-4489

Health, Human Performance & Recreation

*All offices located in the Student Recreation Center.
Dr. John Oppliger
Chair & University Professor 101C 620-235-4645
Susan Downing
Administrative Specialist 101B 620-235-4665
Sarah Ball
Assistant Professor 101M 620-235-4664
Dr. Michael Carper
Assistant Professor 202B 620-235-6155
Dr. Laura Covert
Assistant Professor 102A 620-235-4670
Dr. Derek Crawford
Assistant Professor 203A1 620-235-4672
Dr. Scott Gorman
Professor 101K 620-235-4667
Shelly Grimes
Instructor 101L 620-235-4987
Dr. Rick Hardy
Assistant Professor 101Q 620-235-4281
Dr. Robert Hefley
Professor 101D 620-235-4668
Dr. Janice Jewett
Professor 101F 620-235-4669
Dr. Cole Shewmake
Assistant Professor 101E 620-235-4911
Dr. Julia Spresser
Professor 101H 620-235-4671

Psychology & Counseling

*All offices located in Whitesitt Hall.
David Hurford Dr. David Hurford
Chair & University Professor 207C 620-235-4521
Carol Oehme
Administrative Specialist 207D 620-235-4522
Dr. Julie Allison
Professor 208D 620-235-4529
Dr. Harriet Bachner
Associate Professor 208B 620-235-4633
Dr. Becky Brannock
Professor 207B 620-235-4569
Dr. Steven Duvall
Associate Professor 205B 620-235-4220
Dr. Cebrail Karayigit
Instructor 205F 620-235-4838
Dr. Gwendolyn Murdock
Associate Professor 207A 620-235-4524
Tysha Potter
Instructor 208C 620-235-4841
Dr. Conni Rush
Professor 205C 620-235-4527
Dr. Janet V. Smith
Professor &
Assistant VP for Institutional Effectiveness 225C 620.-235-4537
Dr. Ryan Speelman
Assistant Professor 205A 620-235-4990
Dr. Chris Spera
Assistant Professor 207F 620-235-4501
Dr. Bruce Warner
Associate Professor 205D 620-235-4980
Dr. Jamie Wood
Professor 205E 620-235-4193

Teaching & Leadership

*All offices located in Hughes Hall, unless otherwise noted.
Dr. Alice Sagehorn
Chair & University Professor 201A 620-235-4499
Carrol Bell
Administrative Specialist 201 620-235-4484
Tracey Mussa
Director of the IRC B25A 620-235-6105
Angela Abbott
Instructor 112I 620-235-4502
Amy Bartlow
Instructor 112H 620-235-4917
Dr. Marcus Daczewitz
Assistant Professor 208 620-235-4393
Dr. Carolyn Fehrenbach
Professor 301 620-235-4483
Dr. Bridgette Fincher
Assistant Professor 112G 620-235-4509
Dr. Gloria Flynn
Assistant Professor 112C 620-235-4966
Dr. Ann George
Assistant Professor


Renee Goostree
Instructor 112F 620-235-4493
Dr. Michelle Hudiburg
Instructor B15 620-235-4507
Dr. Susan Knell
Professor 305 620-235-4506
Dr. Elizabeth Mascher
Instructor B14 620-235-4312
Dr. Shelly Martin
Assistant Professor 303 620-235-4565
Dr. Robert Morton
Assistant Professor 302 620-235-4926
Tracy Rampy
Instructor B13 620-235-4082
Alan Roberts
University Supervisor 117A 620-235-4387
Dr. Brenda Roberts
Associate Professor 304 620-235-4498
Dr. Kent Runyan
University Professor 117C 620-235-4497
Dr. Julie Samuels
Associate Professor 112B 620-235-4183
Dr. Pamela Sells
Instructor 117E 620-235-6513
Dr. Tatiana Sildus
Professor 207 620-235-4505
Dr. Brian Sims
Assistant Professor 211 620-235-6090
Dr. Kylie Stewart
Instructor KC Metro 913-529-4491
Dr. Kristi Stuck
Assistant Professor 112D 620-235-4514
Dr. Terri Swanson
Instructor KC Metro 913-529-4487
Ext. 222
Dr. Ray Willard
Associate Professor 117D 620-235-4491
Dr. Marti York
Associate Professor 210 620-235-4965