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Kansas Early Career Teacher's Academy

For over a decade, The Kansas Early Career Teacher’s Academy has provided a seamless system of professional development for beginning teachers in their first three years of experience. Each year the year long Academy provides for multiple avenues of interaction with both the beginning teacher and mentor attending monthly sessions. Mentors are trained during these sessions and beginning teachers are exposed to a number of developmentally appropriate topics.

The Academy is focused on improving instruction and management, socializing professionals within the school culture, reducing isolation, retaining professionals in the profession, developing collegiality among professionals, and increasing student achievement.

The program meets all of KSDE’s standards for mentoring programs and has been presented at numerous national and state conferences with several different articles published concerning its merit.

Academy Program Summary(PDF)

The Academy is directed and managed by four experienced professionals who work with the beginning professionals and mentors.

Dr. Charles Kent Runyan
Mentor Trainer, Professor
Department of Teaching & Leadership, Pittsburg State University
117C Hughes Hall
Phone: 620-235-4497 Email:

Dr. Jean Dockers
Early Career Trainer, Director of Teacher Education, Pittsburg State University
110A Hughes Hall
Phone:  620-235-4636  Email:

Mr. Alan Roberts
Early Career Teacher Facilitator
Pittsburg State University
B13 Hughes Hall
Phone:  620-235-4173  Email:

Mrs. Amanda Hill
Licensing Officer
Teacher Education, Pittsburg State University
110B Hughes Hall
Phone: 620-235-6153  E-mail: