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Instructional Resource Center

IRCThe Instructional Resource Center (IRC) strives to serve the learning community of Pittsburg State University by making needed resources available for students, faculty and staff. Although the primary audience of the IRC is members of the College of Education, our resources are available to any Pittsburg State University student, present or past.

A combination Children's/Young Adult library, Curriculum library and Kinko's the IRC offers a wide variety of resources relevant to future and practicing educators.  Books, puppets, math and science manipulatives, textbooks, games, and toys are circulated to students, faculty and staff alike. We also provide copying, printing, lamination and bulletin board/craft project supplies.

IRCTechnology is also a big part of the IRC. Faculty, staff, and students can check out various devices for use in class or course projects. Personal LCD projectors that can be taken to conferences, a set of 20 iPad's, a set of 10 Flip video cameras for classroom use, digital cameras for class projects, an interactive response system (clickers) for the classroom, and a SMART Interactive Whiteboard for use (either as a classroom or practice lab) are just a few of the many technology related resources we provide.

In the Instructional Resource Center our first priority is helping our patrons achieve success. We believe we can do this by having current resources available, making the atmosphere inviting, and greeting everyone with a smile.

Resources and Services for faculty, staff, and students...


  • Books (fiction, nonfiction, and curriculum related)
  • Periodicals Relevant to COE Curriculum
  • Math and Science Manipulatives
  • Puppets
  • Games
  • Musical Instruments
  • Instructional Videos
  • Lamination
  • Printing and Copying
  • Bulletin board/craft supplies
  • Digital Still and Video Cameras
  • SMART Interactive Whiteboard
  • Computers
  • Quiet Place to Study


  • Portable LCD Projectors
  • Portable Document Cameras
  • Testing Materials
  • Amazon Kindle
  • iPods
  • Interactive Response System (SmartResponse)
  • SMART Airliners
  • iPads

The Mission of the IRC

Mission Statement

The mission of the IRC is to provide the resources for the College of Education as they prepare competent, committed, caring professionals, provide service to the various communities of which we are a part, and expand the body of knowledge through research and dissemination activities.

Vision Statement

The IRC envision a future where all COE and related communities are eager and engaged life long learners. We support this through:

  • Outstanding patron service
  • High quality staff at levels that reflect the IRCs continued commitment to a service attitude
  • Print and non-print collections that are broad in scope and depth that encompass the broad range need of our patrons and meet the needs and expectations of an increasingly diverse clientele
  • Widespread incorporation of new and emerging information technologies as an integral component of overall service
  • Convenient, inviting and up-to-date facilities that meet the growing expectations of patrons for adaptability to new technologies, separate areas for children as well as young adults, "quiet" spaces for study/research, and designated space for meetings and programs
  • Active involvement in the community
  • Upgraded and enhanced technology equipment for student usage through the student technology fees
  • Current curriculum donations from major book publishing companies

Belief Systems

IRCThe IRC will provide the resources to assist in the COE's efforts to complete the following belief systems:

  • Competent, committed, and caring faculty and staff lead to the development of competent, committed, caring professionals.
  • On Teaching, Scholarship, and Service: The College's greatest commitment is to teaching. Scholarship is essential to the vitality of the College and its programs. Through service, College faculty members have the responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the university, the profession, and the community.
  • On Leadership: College faculty and staff should be leaders in university, community, and professional endeavors.
  • On a Changing World: Technology is dramatically impacting teaching and learning. The College is committed to diversity in curriculum, students, and faculty. The College embraces creating a culture of assessment' to support continuous improvement of academic programs. The College embraces experimentation, innovation, and change as the means to remain relevant and vibrant in a rapidly changing world. The preparation of education and other human service professionals should include extensive, supervised clinical experiences.

IRC Navigation

Support the IRC

Collection donations

The IRC is always happy to receive donations of new or gently used professional journals that are no more than five years old. Areas that are especially appreciated include technology, ESOL, science, and math.

Resource donations

The IRC provides older journals and discarded popular magazines to students to use for various class projects. We welcome donations of these materials.