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Students desiring admission into the Kelce College of Business must meet the following admission requirements in addition to those of the university.  The Kelce College of Business will admit students who meet the following requirements:

Completion of 42 semester hours applicable to the degree that the student is seeking with a 2.5 overall cumulative grade point average.

Completion of the following  foundation courses with no grade lower than a C and a 2.5  grade point average in the following classes:

English Composition, ENGL 101 – 3 hours

2 Writing to Learn Courses  

Introduction to Research Writing, ENGL 299 or Honors English Composition, ENGL 190 – 3 hours

Elementary Statistics, MATH 143 – 3 hours

Computer Information Systems, CIS 130 – 3 hours

Speech Communications, COMM 207 – 3 hours

Mathematics requirement, minimum 3 hours; either Math 110, 113, 122, 126, 150 or 153

Financial Accounting, ACCTG 201 – 3 hours

Managerial Accounting, ACCTG 202 – 3 hours

Microeconomics, ECON 200 – 3 hours

Macroeconomics, ECON 201 – 3 hours

Students wishing to enroll in the same business course for the fourth time or more must petition the Dean for approval. 

Admission to the Kelce College of Business is required prior to enrollment in all upper level business courses numbered 300 and above with the exception of MGMKT 320 Business Statistics for those students who have completed Math 143, Elementary Statistics.