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Bicknell Family Center for the Arts Becoming a Reality at PSU

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Proposed Fine and Performing Arts Center

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The College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences
311 Grubbs Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

Phone: 620-235-4685
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E-Mail: artsc@pittstate.edu

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Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences!

Dr. Karl Kunkel

Derek Bok, in his recent book, Our Underachieving Colleges, discusses the case of Anna, a hypothetical young college graduate who is assigned by her corporate employer to open an office in Beijing, China.  He presents this situation as an illustration of the importance of a broad-based education.  Bok argues that in order for Anna to succeed, in addition to her educational background in business, she needs to know how Chinese people think about work, how cooperative networks are formed in that culture, and what misunderstandings might arise in interactions between Chinese and American workers.  Anna also must have knowledge of Chinese history since disruptions of the Cultural Revolution still shape workers’ attitudes.  Anna should have an understanding of Chinese gender relations and how this relates to the workplace, along with a more general view of human rights and to what extent it is legitimate to criticize another nation’s way of life.  Anna might find herself dealing with problems of anti-African racism and with recent attempts by the Chinese Government to exclude immigrants who test positive for HIV.  She further will need to be able to keep her bearings even when she knows the society around her will not accept her views.  We now live in an increasingly global society requiring levels of understanding well beyond the requirements of past generations.

The College of Arts and Sciences involves preparing our general education students, undergraduate majors and minors, as well as graduate students for global citizenship and fulfilling professional careers.  We want our students to develop a strong appreciation of the human experience and the natural world.  We encourage our graduates to become life-long learners leading a reflective, insightful, and purpose-driven life.

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the College of Arts and Sciences website and hope you find the information contained in these pages both helpful and informative.  Arts and Sciences at Pittsburg State is the largest college boasting thirteen departments.  Our units heavily are involved with the general education program at the University involving every student on campus, and we also offer a robust list of more than 40 degree programs including undergraduate majors, master’s degrees, and affiliations with the College of Education leading to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree.

Our fields span the liberal arts ranging from the humanities (English, Philosophy, Art, History, Theater, Music, Modern Languages), through the social sciences (Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Communication, Family and Consumer Sciences, as well as Justice Studies), to the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics).  We also offer a degree program in Nursing, a minor in Military Science, along with interdisciplinary programs in Integrated Studies, International Studies, and Women’s Studies.  Given the breadth of our offerings, I’m certain we have a program of interest to you!

The Arts and Sciences Faculty are committed teachers specifically focused on student success.  Our Faculty also are productive scholars and provide important service contributions to their local, regional, national, professional, and global communities.

Please explore the pages in our website to learn about the many offerings opportunities, and accomplishments of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Also, I encourage you  contact either a particular Department Chair or the Dean's Office if you have any questions or would like more information about our programs, offerings, and the opportunities we provide students, faculty, and staff.

It certainly is special to be a Gorilla and involved with the College of Arts and Sciences at Pittsburg State University!

Karl R. Kunkel


The Mission and Vision Statements of the College of Arts & Sciences

Through our more than fifty undergraduate major, minor, and graduate programs in thirteen departments and three interdisciplinary units, as well as our participation in the University’s General Education Program, we prepare students for global citizenship so they become life-long learners leading meaningful and purposeful lives, contributing to their communities, and fully participating in the democracy. 

The College of Arts and Sciences aspires to provide the best possible educational experiences to our students preparing them for life and work; the best possible work environment for faculty facilitating accomplishment of professional goals; significant and impacting community engagement, both on and off campus; and the most supportive possible context for staff to fulfill assigned duties.  Our guiding principles include a focus and emphasis on 1) student learning, recruitment, and accessibility, 2) faculty productivity and morale, 3) community engagement, 4) staff job satisfaction and support, 5) an accommodating environment for development and fund-raising, 6) data-based staffing, budget, and course scheduling decisions, and 7) transparency and ethical leadership at all levels.