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Reservation Procedures
Reservations are taken from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To make a reservation E-mail Barbara Barto, call us at (620) 235-4791 or stop by the Overman Student Center Administrative Offices. If your reservation is a major event, please schedule an appointment with the Scheduling Coordinator and the Catering Manager to discuss your needs.

For all non-PSU affiliated groups or individuals the following reservation policy applies:

Reservations may be made only 4 months in advance for space in the Overman Student for dates between August 15 through October 31st and April 1 through April 30th. All other dates that do not fall within the prior time frame can be reserved a maximum of one year in advance.

Your reservation remains tentative until you provide us with all set-up information and obtain necessary approvals. All reservations are subject to Overman Student Center operating and rental policies as described in this guide.

To ensure first choices and equipment needs, make your reservations early. Reservations are subject to space, room, and equipment availability. Whenever possible, observe the following guidelines:

Minor room set-up 2 working days
Food Service requirements 10 working days
Guarantees 2 working days
Ballroom(s) or Major portions of the building 10 working days
Beyond Stated Operating Times 2 weeks

If you must cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so your space will be available for another group’s use. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event may result in a fee to the user, as result of expense to date.

Catering Services
The Overman Student Center’s Food Service is capable of providing a wide variety of catering service, from simple refreshments to large banquets. Arrangements for catering can be made through the Sodexo office in person or by calling (620) 235-4995. Be sure to indicate your catering needs when reserving your room(s) and ask about the Catering Guide.

The contracted Food Service (Sodexo) is the exclusive vendor of all beverages and food items served in the building. No Group may bring in outside food or drink into the building. Individuals may bring food in the building for their own consumption. (Pizza may not be brought in and no food may be delivered to the Student Center.)

Refreshments and menus should be arranged at least 10 working days in advance. The person making the arrangements will be responsible for payment. Food Service invoices for their services separately from those of the Student Center.

Ethnic Food
The Overman Student Center and Sodexo Food Service are committed in assisting our student organizations and departments in having the most successful events possible. Realizing the diversity of the groups that exist at PSU, we will strive to assist in the specialization of each event taking place in the building.

For student organizations (and departments) who due to the nature of the group, e.g., international groups, ethnic groups, etc., may have special culinary needs, Sodexo will attempt to provide unique meals relevant to those needs.

Any organization requiring a special menu not normally used in day-to-day catering should meet with the catering manager a minimum of three weeks prior to the event to discuss options for the event. At that time, groups should be prepared to discuss and request numerous specific dishes and or recipes. A mutual agreement between the student organization and Sodexo will be reached on the number of foods to be prepared and the cost involved as well as any unique and/or difficult items needed for preparation. In addition, the students may request to have someone present during the preparation of the food with Sodexo, a “student consultant” of their choosing to offer guidance with the authenticity of the cuisine.

In addition, the OSC and Sodexo may approve in advance, that the sponsoring organization may bring in an off the shelf, prepackaged item(s), e.g., candy, etc., for use at the function.

In order to help the organization save on costs, Sodexo will also allow the group to provide its own servers at the event.

Audio Visual and Other Special Equipment
Conference rooms at the Overman Student Center come equipped with a video projector and recessed screen, as well as a white board. Two portable video projector are available for other areas of the building. Laptop computers with either Windows or Macintosh are available for use as well. All equipment is available on a first reserve basis.  All meeting rooms are wi-fi and have Ethernet connections.

Other Equipment
The OSC has available for use: Conference Phone (any long distance charges will be billed to the using group), DVD/VCR combo players, Overhead Transparency Projector, a large White Board, ropes and stanchions.  When making reservation arrangements please indicate whether your organization will need to make use of this equipment.

Table Coverings
Table clothes may be rented from Sodexo. Please call 235-4995 for specifics on size, color?, and price.

General Policies Governing the use of Student Center Facilities

  • The facilities and services of the Overman Student Center are open to the University and community public subject to University and Student Center policies and procedures.
  • The Overman Student Center reserves the right to cancel a reservation that conflicts with general policy.
  • The organization and/or its officer(s) shall be held financially responsible for any damages resulting from their event.
  • A reservation should be canceled at least 48 hours before the event or a fee may result to the user for expenses to date.
  • Decorations in the Student Center must have approval by the Scheduling Office. Nothing is to be affixed to the drapes, vinyl wall covering, ceilings, wood surfaces or painted walls. All decorations must be fire retardant and safe. The organization is responsible for the removal of all decorations and props immediately following the event.
  • No candles, open flame, or the burning of any substance is allowed. This includes smoking or tobacco products of any kind. Candles in globes may be approved. Please check with the scheduling coordinator for prior approval.
  • No fog machines, dry ice or smoke machines are allowed.
  • The organization agrees to abide by and to enforce the University policies on the consumption of alcoholic beverages and gambling of any kind.
  • All reservation for meeting rooms in the Student Center should be made at least 48 hours in advance. All other campus facilities should be reserved 72 hours in advance.
  • The Student Center cannot guarantee specific rooms; however, room preferences will be taken. Meetings are posted daily at all entrances, the Information Desk and at the specific meeting room.
  • There is a management overtime fee per hour charged to University departments and off campus groups desiring use of the building at times other than regular hours of operations. Off campus groups are also charged room rental fees. (Verify rates with the Scheduling Office in the Student Center.)
    The Student Center invoices after an event. All bills must be paid within 30 days or groups will be denied the right to schedule additional meeting or activity space.
  • When the Administrative staff are not present at events in the building, the Student Manager is responsible for the supervision of the Overman Student Center. In matters of scheduling conflicts and similar problems, their decision is final.
  • The group sponsoring an activity or event is responsible for the actions of their guests or participants and/or their proper use of the facilities, furnishings, and equipment.
  • The Overman Student Center does not assume responsibility for damages to or loss of any materials or equipment left by groups.
  • Groups who abuse their usage of the facilities may be denied future use.
  • All applicable federal, state and municipal laws and ordinances, along with all rules, regulations, and policies of the University will be observed and enforced in the facilities