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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Student Government office located? The Student Government office is located at the Overman Student Center Crossroads Section, in Room 111.

When and where are the Student Government meetings? PSU's Student Government meetings are held every Wednesday during the regular school year at 7:00 pm.  Check schedule to see where the meeting will be held.

May students attend the SGA meetings? Yes, any student currently enrolled at Pittsburg State University may attend the weekly meetings.

Can a student speak at a Student Government meeting? At each meeting of the Student Government Association, there is an announced segment for "Student Opinion." Any student of Pittsburg State University or group thereof may come and voice their issue during this time.

What does Student Government do for the students of Pittsburg State University? The Student Government Association represents the voice of the student body of PSU to the faculty, local government, state government, and anyone else whose interests might affect PSU's students. Programs such as Safe Ride, the Gorilla Rental Guide, the Collegiate Readership Program, and the Pepsico Dream Machine, just to name a few, have begun with Student Government initiatives.

Who can be a member of Pittsburg State University's Student Government Association? Any current, full-time student with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 is eligible to serve as a Senator.

How does one join Student Government Association? There are two ways to become part of PSU's SGA.  A student may either go through the elections process and get voted in during the April elections or he/she may fill a vacancy.

What is a vacancy and how do I fill one? There are four colleges with senate seats representing each of them, graduate senate seats, and at-large senate seats. When one of these seats opens up, it is a vacancy. When this happens a vacancy committee will meet and interview potential candidates. Generally, this happens at the beginning of each semester, but there have been occasions when a seat has come open mid-semester. A student may apply for a vacancy by filling out an application and signing up for an interview time. The Vacancy Committee will decide if you would be a strong candidate for a senate position based upon your application and your interview.