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Step Up, Make a Difference

We are the organization that contributes most largely to the university student body. We lobby at Topeka for legislation that affects PSU, reimburse student organizations to help stretch their dollars through an allocations process, decide how student fees should be spent, and are constantly working for a better Pittsburg State University.


As a senator, you have a chance to make permanent changes for the betterment of the PSU Student Body and its future. As a whole, the Student Senate represents the views of the student body on University policies and procedures and make recommendations to the University President.

The Senate is made up of a predetermined number of senators. These senators are first elected in the Spring by the student body, and each fall and spring, vacancies are held to fill open spots in Senate. Additionally, two senators are faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate and two more senators are recommended by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The faculty senators have the ability to vote on some issues, but not all.

Senators are expected to attend all SGA meetings and serve as a member of committees under SGA, the Faculty Senate, PSU's Administration and/or a combination thereof.  They are also expected to serve a minimum of one office hour each week, and vote on all legislation. To be eligible to be a member of the Senate, a member must have and maintain fulltime enrollment and have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average.

Option 1: Vacancies

As Senators graduate or other circumstances occur that make a senator unable to fill their positions to the best of their ability, Vacancies are held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Unlike Spring Elections, interviews are held by SGA Directors, Advisors, veteran Senators, and the best candidates are selected. 

Option 2: Spring Elections

Each year in April, SGA holds the election of its officers (President and Vice President) and senate members.  Early in the Spring semester, an Election Board is selected.  Their job is to create and enforce election and campaigning guidelines, facilitate information/orientation meetings, collect petitions, and serve as the contact point for all election and campaigning issues.  This is also when SGA submits any Bills they are trying to pass in order to make revisions to the PSU Constitution.

Any fulltime student may run for a position in the following year's association.  Officers and Senators must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50.  Students may run as either a member of a party or unaffiliated.  They will have the chance to campaign and participate in some debates.

For example, the 2015 elections timeline looked like:

  • January - Selection of Election Board
  • Mid-February - Approval of Election Guidelines
  • Third week in February -First week in March - Information/Orientation meetings for prospective candidates
  • Second week in March - Petitions to run due
  • Third week in March - First week in April - Campaigning
  • Second week in April - Voting
  • Results announced